Digital Photography Software & Website Reviews

Software is forever being updated and created. With so much on the market for the photographer, how do you know which software best suits your digital photography needs? Quite often, trial versions of software are not fully functional, so how can you really tell if you like its features? Here you will find unbiased reviews of digital photography software that will help you make the decision before buying the latest product.

Free Photoshop Elements Actions

Photoshop Elements uses actions to quickly perform certain functions. These actions, however, usually cost money. Certain websites offer free actions that you can use to perform a variety of image changes.

Free Presets for Photoshop Elements

Presets or actions allow you to quickly change the look of your photograph. But, you usually have to pay for these actions if they aren’t included with Elements. So, are there any free ones available? If so, where do you download them? Learn more here.