Photography Techniques

Lighting techniques, black and white photography, stereo photography, action photography, nature photography…the list of photography techniques is endless! Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or seasoned photographer, there is always something new to learn in the world of digital photography. Here you will find valuable information, tips, advice and resources on various photography techniques.

Take Better Pictures on your Smartphone: 5 Tips

Your phone simply does not have the capabilities to take as good a quality photo as a digital camera. That being said, there are plenty of photography rules that can help you take better photos with a cell phone camera. Follow these tips to improve your photo-taking skills.

How to Shoot Forced Perspective Photos: Tips

Have you ever wondered how a giant tower seems to appear smaller in front of a person, or how you can make an object seem closer than it is without even moving it? Let’s see how we can combine the concept of forced perspective in photography to delude the eye, even if it is for a second.

Shooting Snow Pictures? Try These Must Read Tips

Shooting in the snow requires a little more patience and practice. From different exposure settings to finding the best backdrops, winter photography opens an entirely new dimension. So grab your snow boots, and get ready to head out for snowy adventures with your camera!

Fun & Easy Sports Photography Tips

Avid athletes tend to get very involved in their sport, and photographing them can bring animation and grandeur to your photo. It’s great to see the facial expressions and involuntary gestures distinct to certain sports. Take a tour of our sports gallery and the athletes that make these photos pop!

Create Photography Close Ups With Macrophotography

Macrophotography is the art of taking pictures up close; the primary focus of this type of work is to bring to light the beauty of the microscopic world of all things great but small. It is especially popular with capturing the physiognomies of insects and other tiny creatures that live among us.

Guide to Child & Infant Photography

Photographing children can be a great way to capture fleeting moments that you want to remember forever. If you’re looking for tips and tricks for photographing children, look no further. With ideas for poses, ideal camera settings, and how to keep the kids happy, you’re sure to take great pictures.

A Quiz on the History of Photography

If the thought of a history exam makes you feel queasy, don’t worry. You cannot fail this quiz and, in fact, you may actually find it interesting. Discover how much you already know about photography’s past and present, and maybe learn some titillating trivia along the way.

Your Guide to a Travel Photography Career or Hobby

There are few types of photography more technically challenging than travel photography. Locations are often difficult to reach, equipment is more limited, lighting is out of your control, and more. Yet, when done well, it allows some of the most impressive pictures. Learn more with Bright Hub!

An Alluring Gallery of Black & White Photography

Don’t you just love black and white photos? They make you look at images in a different light and gives you a refreshed feeling for interpretation, opening your horizons to imagine things on a whole new level. This photo gallery is nothing short of spectacular, as it showcases 30 captivating images.

A Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be a lucrative profession, provided you know the secrets to composing the right shots based on the needs of the client and the particular style of wedding. Here’s a guide that will take you from basic shooting techniques through to information on becoming a professional.

Basic Through the Viewfinder Photography

“Through the Viewfinder,” or TtV, photography is a fun way to combine analog and digital photography. Shooting with a digital camera gives the advantages of digital photography, but using an old camera as a filter adds an appealing grungy, old-fashioned look.