Famous Photographer Biographies: Learning about Famous Photographers

Looking for a biography about a famous photographer? Read about various famous photographers who have marked their place in the world of photography.

Nobuyoshi Araki: Tokyo and Photography

Nobuyoshi Araki is a modern Japanese photographer who examines the sensual and the erotic in intimate detail. He juxtaposes these images with ordinary city life in Tokyo; documenting the inhabitants going through their day to day lives.

Lee Miller Photography: Documenting the Second World War

Lee Miller’s photographs of the Second World War highlight the horror of German occupation and the ordinary people living through this difficult time. Miller’s images show a keen sensitivity to their subject matter and often have a surreal twist that heightens the effect of these important images.

Five Famous Personalities in the Field of Photography

There have been many famous personalities in the field of photography who have contributed greatly to their own specific areas of photography. Here we look at the biography and the contribution of five famous photographers who can never be forgotten, thanks to their unforgettable works of art.

W. Eugene Smith Biography: The Early Years

W. Eugene Smith was a famous photographer who had a unique and gripping ability to capture the essence and raw emotions of his subjects that spoke volumes to appreciative audiences throughout the world. Here we’ll discuss his life, works, and the compelling allure of his legacy.

List of Famous Sports Photographers

Sports photographers, even famous ones, are mostly just doing their job capturing the essence of the game and exciting moments that sometimes make history. This list of famous sports photographers who captured awe-inspiring moments in sports history is just a small sampling of some of the greats.