Do-It-Yourself Photography Projects

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or a beginner, digital photography can be expensive. I don’t imagine there are too many people out there with their “wish list” complete. To help alleviate some of the “I want” pains, here are several articles that will teach you how to make your own digital photography equipment and gadgets, from tripods to backdrop stands. Save money, get creative and have fun with these easy-to-follow do-it-yourself projects! Here you will also find DIY photography crafts, providing you with ways to give your photos the attention they deserve.

DIY – How To Get Printed Photos on Mugs

DIY – How To Get Printed Photos on Mugs

Drinking coffee is part of millions of people daily regimen. The aroma of the coffee brings pleasure to many of us. What is more exciting way than drinking coffee from a coffee mug specially made for you. Learn how to put your photo on a coffee mug with this step by step process.

The Ultimate Light Box IReview & Buying Guide

Photographers are often concerned with improving the quality of light from their shoe mount flashes as evidenced by the wide variety of light modifiers available for small flash units. The Ultimate Light Box is a versatile and effective entry into this crowded category.