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Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition - A Safe Haven for Your Digital Photographs

written by: Larry Gordon•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 9/19/2008

Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition seems to know what mistakes we digital photographers are likely to make and offers alerts and tips so we can achieve the best results. Buy this software if you want an enjoyable, piece-of-cake experience for maintaining and preserving your precious photos.

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    Corel products stress ease of use, and it becomes quite apparent after using Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition that its developers pay a lot of attention to customer concerns. Via its Tips and Tricks features, Photo Album 6 tries to anticipate what the digital photographer may want to do and then forewarns or suggests options to improve results.

    Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition can take inventory of all of the digital photographic images on your computer, if that is what you want it to do. But it is far more than just a digital repository for photos of family and friends. Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition makes the organization, enhancement, protection, creation, and sharing of photos an active, continual experience as the digital photographer adds digital photos to the different maintained folders. 

    From the introductory photo of children playing at the beach, the target market for Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition is family and friends having fun at what they are doing. You can use Photo Album 6 to send a friend a kind "Hello. I'm thinking about you" message, for example, in digital photos applied to paper or email in numerous media formats. There is also the option of ordering prints. Check out the images below to get a sampling of what this software can do. 
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    Price to Value

    Rating AverageSimply for ease of use, this software hits the mark at $49.95. 
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    Installation & Setup

    Rating AverageThe download instructions for the installation and setup were relatively easy. You must pay attention to your serial number, and be sure to register the software to get Photo Album 6's full benefits and freebies.
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    User Interface

    Rating AverageThe four tabs--Organize, Enhance, Create, and Share--keep it simple so the digital photographer doesn't get lost in the software. Major kudos for the collapsible sidebars that remove the clutter for a clean work area.
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    Rating AveragePerformance was nice in almost all areas. However, I was unable to use the Create tab because of a known issue with a Flash element that didn't download correctly, even after removing the software several times using Corel's instructions.
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    Help & Support

    Rating AverageCustomer service was very professional and immediately transferred my call to technical support. I called in the morning and waited for two hours on hold, and gave up. Later that afternoon, I called again and got through right away. The experience was very professional overall.
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    Cool Feature

    Rating AverageThe Thinify Tool allows the digital photographer to make the subject appear thinner or wider. This may help some of us hefty people look like we weigh less.
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    Suggested Features

    I cannot think of any additional features that would make this software any better.
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    Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition works well for those of us who are not professional digital photographers. Working from the point of reference of the user, the people at Corel have gone to great lengths to make using their digital photographic software an easy, fun, enduring experience.
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