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Honl Photo Speed Snoot (and Reflector) Makes a Useful Light Modifier

written by: digitaldan1•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 11/10/2009

Modestly priced, effective and easy to use. Those are good characteristics for a light modifier and this Honl product fits the bill.

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    There's nothing like a light modifier that's lightweight, easy to use and versatile. The Honl Photo Speed Snoot and Reflector is one such product. This slightly bigger than a sheet of paper silver backed ballistic nylon tool attaches to a strobe via velcro and the Honl system's speed strap (a $9.95 accessory). The Snoot/Reflector can then serve as either a snoot or a reflector depending on whether or not its wrapped into a tube shape or just partially attached to work as a reflector. It has a light gray interior to produce a soft, gradual light falloff.

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    Karina shows the Honl in snoot configuration.Karina shows the Honl in reflector configuration.
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    Using the Honl Photo Speed Snoot

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    The 8" long light modifier folds up to fit in a camera bag pocket and easily attaches to the flash via a speed strap or velcro that's permanently attached to the flash head. It fits a wide variety of flash units (check the company's web site for instructions on how to tell if it will fit your flash). To use it as a snoot, just wrap it all the way around the flash head (see photo). To use it as a reflector just wrap it part way around the flash head. The extra large reflector (compared to many other choices on the market) throws a lot of light from the flash forward and up, while in the snoot configuration restricts the light to a tight circle whose size varies depending on how close the flash is to the subject.

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    Price to Value

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    At $29.95, the Honl Photo Speed Snoot and Reflector is a little bit pricey, especially if you buy the $9.95 speed strap to go with it (you can get by with just plain velcro though). This is a versatile, easy to use and rugged device that will last a long time and find a place in a photographer's camera bag.

    Disclaimer: Honl provided the author of this article with an evaluation unit of the product for use in the David Busch Quick Snap Guide to Photo Gear