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Online Storefront: Printroom Review

written by: Stephanie Mojica•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 9/12/2012

Printroom is an online storefront that allows digital photographers to easily sell their images. Because of its ease of use and pricing structure, Printroom is highly recommended.

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    Editor's Note: This article was originally published in 2009 and has been archived. Printroom.Com is still in existence as a business but in recent years there have been many complaints against the company. See the comments on this article, or review other customer issues at Rip Off Report.

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    Free Membership Option

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    Printroom does offer a free membership option that still allows users to sell their images and receive commission checks. However, this type of membership comes with limited features. Those who wish to simply see how far they can take their online storefront before making a financial investment will likely be best served by a free membership. This is an option that is not always widely available, and helps potential paid members evaluate Printroom for free and still make some money on selling their prints.

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    Commission Structure

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    Printroom takes 16 percent commission on all orders, which may alarm some digital photographers. However, it is important to note there are no other fees added, and that free members can avoid paying any additional fees.

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    Ease of Use

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    Printroom is an easy site for both members and print purchasing customers can use.

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    Customer Service

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    Printroom offers customer service for both members as well as their customers. This makes it so digital photographers can feel more confident in sending their clients to a partner website. If a problem arises, Printroom claims they strive to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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    Documentation and Training

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    Printroom is a step ahead of some of its competitors by offering detailed tutorial videos on how to make the most of the site. The online documentation sections are also quite thorough. This unique combination of both video and text help should really aid customers in overcoming any potential learning curves.

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    Account Manager

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    Printroom offers each member a personal account manager. Though this was not extensively tested, this is a service many other outlets do not offer. If it works as promised, then the personal attention and contact should really help digital photographers make the most out of their Printroom membership.

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    Diverse Print Choices

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    There are many diverse print choices available to potential customers. Printroom allows the purchase of everything from wallet sizes photos to 30 x 40 museum mount-style canvas prints. This is especially helpful for digital wedding photographers, who can truly offer their clients virtually every style of print on the market.

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    Customer Warranty

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    The customer warranty on prints offered helps people feel more assured when making a purchase from Printroom. If someone is not happy with their purchase, they can return it within 30 days for a full refund. This assists in reducing any potential anxiety a customer might experience with buying their special prints from an online vendor.

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