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What is The Biggest Photo Sharing Website in the World?

written by: johnsinit•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/28/2010

Are you wondering what the biggest photo sharing website in the world is? There are many websites competing with each other who would have their own claims of being the one, so let's find out which website really takes the top spot of being the biggest photo sharing website in the world.

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    Flickr or Picasa

    There are some who claim that either Flickr or Picasa are considered the biggest photo sharing website in the world, but these are already expired claims which have to be modified. Facebook, which is now touted as the largest social networking website in the world, now also holds the top spot in photo sharing activities worldwide. It has overtaken Google's Picasa and Yahoo's Flickr in terms of original visitors. 24hours - Flickr 

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    Counting Visitors

    In counting original visitors, cookies are used by the different browsers. Google Chrome and Firefox are browsers which verify the existence of specific cookies every time visits to websites are made. The number of cookies signifies the number of visitors for particular websites.

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    Being the biggest photo sharing website in the world, Facebook has made its mark in a lot of people’s lives. According to a reputable online audience counting firm, in India alone, Facebook has earned almost 20 million original visitors in the lone month of May 2010, compared to 15.5 million for YouTube and a measly 1.9 million for Flickr. The growth of the number of Indian users alone has been rising at over 12 percent a month, compared to only 1.3 percent growth of YouTube users.

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    Biggest Photo Database

    Going to the world statistics, in the area of photo inventory, Facebook has clearly outpaced Flickr in having the biggest photo database in modern history. Currently, Facebook users have uploaded more than 15 billion photos, compared to only 4 billion pictures held by Flickr, clearly making Facebook the biggest photo sharing website in the world. Facebook 

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    Being Wiped Out?

    Both Google and Yahoo are becoming urgently concerned over the practically overnight smash of Facebook in the world, which have become a real business peril to the giant search engines. Of course, a lot of websites would want patrons to dwell in their fold as long as possible, but with the tremendous rise to popularity of Facebook, these websites are in danger of being left behind or being left out in the cold.

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    Other Social Networks

    In fact, more and more users are now using Facebook for longer periods of time than in most other websites primarily because of the huge trove of photographs stashed on its website. Other websites, like Flixter, Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply, have their own base of visitors and users, but they are dwarfed by the awesome achievement and accomplishment of Facebook.

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    Not Only Photos

    According to a renowned rating agency, Facebook, being the biggest photo sharing website in the world, has now occupied second place in the most visited website in the world, next to Google, and ahead of YouTube. In fact, in the United States alone, Facebook has also reached third place in video sharing activities, trailing and in terms of user participation and usage.