Give Yourself a Better Look Online – How to Take Good Pictures of Yourself With Camera Phone

Taking Photos with a Camera Phone is Not Easy

Oftentimes, self portraits can come out looking far less attractive than the photographer was hoping for, especially when shots have been taken with spread out arms. It is important that you remember to follow some useful pieces of advice for shooting self portraits. These tips on how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone can help you produce beautiful and worthwhile photographs which can proudly be posted over social networks on the Internet.

Default Settings Will Not Work

First of all, you should refrain from utilizing pictures from the web camera for purposes of personal advertisement, as the pictures derived from this medium is of low quality and not really satisfactory. You should take extra effort in evaluating pictures for quality before posting them over the Internet. Knowing how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone is very crucial, in the sense that sometimes you may never realize that you have been taking pictures haphazardly and results in awkward-looking and distorted photographs. Using these digital camera phones can give you a whole array of options in photography. You might also want to read Top 10 Tips for Taking The Best Pictures with Your Camera Phone for additional tips and tricks.

Self Photo with Camera Phone

The Pose

The next step is to figure out a good pose. If you surf over the Internet, you can discover a lot of different expressions used by models of photography. You can find moody and frowning expressions made on several picture poses. This is done on purpose, although in the long run, these pictures are actually less attractive. They do not appear natural, and these expressions should be avoided outright when taking pictures of yourself.

Look Happy!

Justifying how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone can be done with more pleasant poses and expressions. Even if you are basically a moody person, you should take extra effort to avoid moody and frowning poses if you want to attract viewers to your pictures. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a beautiful smile is worth another thousand. It therefore becomes imperative that you should only have pleasant poses in order to have good and meaningful pictures worth posting online.

Happy Young Couple Self Photography


A good angle to maintain when taking pictures of yourself is just above yourself. Avoid taking pictures below your ‘horizon’, as these types of pictures come out inferior and less attractive (and can cause you to have a double chin in the photo). Another important consideration on how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone is to have adequate lighting over yourself. Remember that it is best to angle the camera downward to yourself, instead of upwards from the floor.

Face Photo


Another major consideration when taking pictures of yourself is the covering background for your photograph. Make sure that the background you choose is not cluttered and confusing, and should be spacious and defining enough to enhance your shot. Remember that the background is supposed to highlight the subject, which is you, and not to muddle the entire make of the photograph.