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How to Make a Picture Shadow Box

written by: anuramn•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/21/2010

Using a simple cardboard box or wood, you can create a shadow box that will have a long lasting impression. Incorporate your own favorite photos and memorabilia to create this easy photo craft.

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    Are you looking for ways to give a personalized gift to your father this Father’s day? Why not build a picture shadow box for him? This easy-to-follow DIY photography craft project will look at what a picture shadow box is and how to build a picture shadow box.

    What is a picture shadow box? It is 3-D or 3-dimensional picture frame where one can include photos or any other pictures by creating a layered look. It is very easy to build a picture shadow box if you have the required materials like a cardboard box or wood.

    If you are a beginner, it is advisable to use a cardboard box to build a picture shadow box. If you are planning to build a picture shadow box that will last forever, you may use wood.

    Picture shadow boxes can be of any shape. You can also make hanging picture shadow boxes. Depending the occasion, you can stuff your picture shadow box with baby items, Christmas gifts, Father's Day gifts, football items, etc.

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    Materials Required for Making a Picture Shadow Box

    • Cardboard box or wood
    • Strong adhesive
    • Nails
    • Hammer
    • Any picture with any dimensions of your choice
    • Paint
    • Picture frame
    • Hand saw or knife
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    Steps on How to Make a Picture Shadow Box

    Step 1: Measure the length and breadth of the picture frame in order to determine the size of the cardboard box or wood you would require for building a picture shadow box.

    Step 2: Use a knife or hand saw to cut the material depending on whether you are using a cardboard box or wood.

    Step 3: Make the shadow box frame by attaching the pieces of cardboard box or wood you have cut using strong adhesive or nails.

    Step 4: Take backing wood that is equal to the size of the picture frame and secure it with the shadow box frame using strong adhesive.

    Step 5: Your shadow box is now ready. The next step involves attaching the picture frame to this shadow box. Remove the frame from its glass. Glue the frame to the shadow box. Leave it for a while for it to dry.

    Step 6: Now, take the picture or image of your choice and glue it at the back of the shadow box. You may either paint the background of the shadow box or leave it just like that. If you wish, you can even use fabric to make it extra personal. How about using beads and decorating the background?

    Step 7: To give the picture shadow box a 3-D effect, you can make use of foam blocks or wood when displaying the items of your choice. You can make shelves or steps or mountains inside the box. Use glue to stick the layout.

    NOTE: Once the layout for the picture shadow box is ready, designing it is left to your creativity. You can build the picture shadow box as creative as you wish.

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    Completed Picture Shadow Box

    Fishing Shadow box