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Six Interesting Photographer's Websites

written by: Caroline Thompson•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 1/18/2011

Here are six of the most interesting photographer's websites.

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    Modern Avatars

    Websites to the photographer are showcases for their view on the world. Not only do they use their websites as a way to showcase their work, but also for creative expression on how they see the world. Here are 6 interesting websites from some of the top professional photographers. They are worth looking at if for no other reason than for entertainment.

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    Jason Bell

    Jason Bell's website is like watching a Hollywood movie. In fact, he has done some movie posters not to mention photographing some of the top stars like Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman and John Malkovich.

    Jason Bell's Website

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    Elliott Erwitt

    Elliott Erwitt is an editorial photographer. He is included here because of wealth of historical images he has captured. Elliott Erwitt has shot everyone from Fidel Castro and Marilyn Monroe to Nixon. Elliott's work comprises a variety of portraits, magazine work, advertisements and he has produced seventeen comedy and satire television programs. His sense of humor shines through his work. His series called "Hand Picks" is great fun to look through. His website is filled with interesting collections and information from a long career.

    Elliott Erwitt's Website

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    Steve Grubman

    Steve's website is simple and clean. The images appear as framed stills. His work is as fascinating as it is beautiful. His website is fun and has many different areas that are filled with information, tips and professional information. This is an effective business website as well as a good showcase for art and advertisement. The great thing about this website is that you can never get back to the same place. Every time you go back, something different is there. Check it out!

    Steve Grubman's Website

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    Jim Fiscus

    Fiscus's work has been seen on the cover of many magazines and in advertisements. The layout of his website is easy to navigate and interesting. This is good example of a working professional's website.

    Jim Fiscus's Website

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    Melanie Pullen

    Melanie Pullen's work "High Fashion Crime Scenes" has received much acclaim. The work consists of over one hundred crime scenes based on NYPD and LAPD crime scenes photographed like a Hollywood set. She photographs covers for Vogue, Elle and other magazines. Her work is unusual and is not for the squeamish.

    Melanie Pullen's Website

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    Dave Hill

    Dave Hill's website is easy to get around and is like watching a movie in HD. His images are surreal in nature and great fun to look through. His website is filled with different images from advertising, music to his own personal collection of images.

    Dave Hill's Website

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    There are many more great photographer websites to look at and enjoy. These are some examples of professional photographers whose website layout is functional, interesting and easy to navigate. The content is what is important, but it has to be easy for people to find and view. Look around for inspiration and new ideas they are everywhere to be found.

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