Top Free Photography Magazines & How to Get Them

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Free Photography Magazines

Most trade publications survive on advertising revenues and want to get their publications in your hands. The following list covers photography magazines and photography trade publications that will send you free magazines in print. Many of these publications have an online site, if you decide you want a digital copy.

1. Professional Photographer If you are a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), you can get a free subscription from Professional Photographer magazine. Go online and put in your subscription information. The following is their contact information:

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

229 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 2200

Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-522-8600 Fax: (800) 786-6277

2. Rangefinder Magazine Rangefinder Magazine offers free print subscriptions to US addresses only. You can subscribe in the same manner as Studio Photography magazine. The following is all the contact information:


PO Box 2198

Skokie, IL 60076-7860

(866) 249-6122 Phone

(847) 763-9236 Fax

[email protected] E-mail

3. After Capture

After Capture is another magazine that offers free subscriptions to photographers or those in the photography business. They require that you fill out their online subscription information to receive a printed copy. Just go to the following link to subscribe:

4. Advanced Imaging Magazine This is an imaging trade publication. This is not strictly a photography magazine, but I put this in because all photographers in today’s market will have to do some imaging. This publication covers imaging technology for photography as well as other commercial and scientific applications. And, this publication is free to qualified professionals. They require you to fill out a simple questionnaire to qualify for their publication. You can fill this out at the following address:

All of these free photography magazines are quality publications with many interesting articles and useful information.