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Best Laptops for Budding Digital Photographers

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 4/9/2009

If you're a beginner photographer, the next thing you'll need after buying your camera equipment and accessories is a nice laptop that you can bring along with you on your photo gigs. Here are two suggested laptops which could answer your needs - a Toshiba Satellite laptop and a ASUS Eee netbook.

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    Every digital photographer does post-processing of photos. At some point, after a big event photo shoot or when travelling, you'll need to download the photos you've taken and do some quick post-processing before a client takes a look at them or even if you want to take a quick look at how your shots are. Here are two laptops that are great for any beginner photographer.

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    Toshiba Satellite A305-S6908 15.4-Inch Laptop

    toshibasatellitea305 The technical specs of this laptop give away the fact that it is a powerful machine that can handle even the most demanding graphics requirements of displaying photos you've taken using your DSLR camera. Whether you are producing the lowest or highest resolution for your output photos, this laptop could give justice to the color and radiance of your digital photos. That goes without saying that it can load, display, and save your photos quicker than you can imagine.

    The Toshiba Satellite A305-S6908 laptop boasts of a 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 Processor complemented by a RAM which can go as high as 4GB. This is supported by a Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics Card. Don't even bother thinking how powerful this graphics card is, it is enough to know that it can give justice to the color, depth and details of whatever the subject of your photos are. And what could be a better way of proving how good this laptop is in displaying your photos but with its big 15.4-inch LCD. And for storage purpose, this laptop has a 250GB hard drive which, if not enough for storing your photos, can be supplemented by external hard drives as well.

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    ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Netbook

    eeepc1000he If the 15.4-inch Toshiba laptop is too big and heavy for you and might cripple your mobility, especially during event or travel photography, your best bet would be to get a netbook. The problem is, with the growing popularity of these diminutive machines, you would certainly get lost in limbo trying to figure out which of these netbooks is best for you.

    So, for our suggestion we considered the latest and perhaps one of the best netbooks around - the Asus Eee PC 1000HE.

    The Eee PC 1000HE boasts of the latest Intel Atom N280 processor with clock speed of 1.66GHz. That would be enough to lessen photo loading time and can let you process your high-res photos in a breeze.

    The Eee PC 1000HE also features 160GB HDD and a 10GB online storage. This would be enough to cover your photo storage needs when you are on the go. But the best thing about the Eee PC 1000HE, if we are to compare it with the Toshiba laptop, is the fact that it is lightweight, small and very portable. If you carry too much camera baggage, it wouldn't really be an additional burden to your camera bag. But would the small screen of the 1000HE give justice to your photos? Well yes, although not as good as the capability of the Toshiba laptop.

    But for quick storage solution when you are on the go, as well as for decent display of photos you've taken, the Eee PC 1000HE would be more than enough.