The Benefits of Joining the Student Photographic Society

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Student Photographic Society is one of the newest professional photography associations, founded in 1999. Though many photography societies offer memberships to students, Student Photographic Society is a rare find for those hoping to become professional photographers.

Membership Fees

Students hoping to become photographers can join Student Photographic Society for $29 a year. Educators obtain free memberships once they are verified as such.

Career Benefits

Student members can post their resume and sample photos for free, which helps them find internships, part-time work, and full-time employment. Their information is also placed in the database of a sister organization called Commercial Photographers International. In addition, members of Student Photographic Society can access a number of help wanted ads to help them in their internship and job searches in the world of professional digital photography.

Perhaps one of the most unique, as well as greatest, benefits of a Student Photographic Society membership is the ability to participate in Imaging USA’s volunteer program. This directly helps photography students build resumes through hands-on experience at professional events. There is also professional portfolio critique offered to members.

Additional Benefits

There are a number of other benefits offered to Student Photographic Society members, including access to articles helpful to student and beginning photographers alike. Members also get printed magazines in the postal mail, and can view sample contracts, model releases, and copyright registration forms.

A number of discounts from major photography vendors is also offered through a coupon book usually reserved for members of the Professional Photographers of America and the Society of Sport & Event Photographers.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits aside from career-oriented perks is the equipment insurance given to all student members. This plan covers $500 of equipment with a $100 deductible, and is free of charge with a paid membership to Student Photographic Society.


Because Student Photographic Society membership is low cost and offers a number of benefits that far outweigh the membership fee, joining seems worthwhile for any serious student photographer. In addition, it has some of the benefits of other organizations through their partnerships with associations such as Commercial Photographers International.