Looking for Popular Digital Photography Magazines? Our Top 10 Favorites

Subscribing to a photography magazine is one of the best ways to hone your skills further, whether you’re just starting out or have already gained some expertise in the field of photography. Here’s a list of 10 digital photography magazines that you can consider subscribing to – to learn new techniques, keep yourself updated with latest in digital cameras and accessories, to learn from the experience of experts, and to develop your digital image processing skills.

Digital Photo Pro

Completely focused on DSLRs, this magazine is more for the professionals than for mere enthusiasts. There’s a lot of information on commercial photography and imaging, besides the regular tips, techniques and reviews.

Publisher: Werner Publishing Corporation

Newsstand Price: $5.99

Subscription: 1 Year (7 issues) – $19.97

Digital Photo

This magazine makes for a good choice to perk up your digital photography skills, while staying abreast with specifications and reviews on the latest cameras, lenses and equipment. Every issue comes with detailed instructions on a number of photography projects, for you to try. It will also keep you updated with the latest image correction and processing software. There are sections dedicated to tutorials on using popular imaging software like Photoshop.

Publisher: Werner Publishing Corporation

Newsstand Price: $4.99

Subscription: 1 Year (7 Issues) – $11.97

Digital Camera World

This is one of the most popular digital photography magazines in UK, where it’s published as Digital Camera – outside UK it is distributed with the same content as Digital Camera World. Each issue showcases inspiring images from renowned photographers, in addition to the usual tips, techniques, reviews and tutorials. There’s also a lot of information on post processing your images on the computer. You will benefit the most from it if you’re a DSLR owner, since most part of it is focused on making the best use of your digital SLR camera.

Publisher: Future Publishing Limited (UK)

Single Issue Price: $6.99 for Digital Version

Subscription: 1 Year (13 Issues) – $157.88 ($64.99 for Digital Version)

American Photo

This magazine will deeply inspire your creativity, with its exclusive converges on leaders and their works. It covers nearly all the realms of photography such as art, nature, fashion, journalism and commercial photography. It doesn’t go much into reviews, as it’s more about the technique. It’s worth subscribing to only if you’re really serious about photography.

Publisher: Bonnier Corporation

Newsstand Price: $4.99

Subscription: 1 Year (6 Issues) – $14.00

Popular Photography

Accepted as one of the leading technical authorities on photography, Popular Photography offers in-depth reviews on cameras and equipment, based on tests conducted by their experts. Most articles focus on teaching you creative techniques to make the best use of your digital camera.

Publisher: Bonnier Corporation

Newsstand Price: $4.99

Subscription: 1 Year (12 Issues) – $14.00

Digital Photography Magazines

Outdoor Photographer

With emphasis on practical photography, this photography magazine will guide you to make the best use of your camera when stepping outdoors. Completely focused on outdoor photography, it teaches you tips, tricks and techniques to capture the best nature, wildlife, travel, and sports photos. Each issue also talks about the latest in digital cameras and outdoor photography gear. There are detailed how to projects to help you explore newer dimensions of outdoor photography.

Publisher: Werner Publishing Corporation

Newsstand Price: $5.99

Subscription: 1 Year (11 Issues) – $14.97 (Digital Version – $10.00)

Digital Photographer

Digital Photographer, another UK publication, is equally good for both beginners and pros. It has informative as well as educative features to help you maximize your digital photography experience. It reviews cameras ranging from the hottest digicams to the high end DSLRs. It also features tutorials on photo editing.

Publisher: Imagine Publishing (UK)

Single Issue Price: $3.00 (Digital Version)

Subscription: 1 Year (13 Issues) – $130 Approx.


Filled with test reports, product reviews and previews, tips and techniques, post processing tutorials and images from pros, this is another photography magazine worth consideration. Every issue of the magazine has a ‘Picture This’ section that walks you through a detailed photography assignment, teaching you the minute technicalities that go a long way into capturing excellent photographs.

Publisher: Source Interlink Media

Newsstand Price: $4.99

Subscription: 1 Year (12 Issues) – $17.95 ($13.50 for Digital Subscription)


This magazine is worth subscribing to if you own a Canon DSLR camera, as it is completely dedicated to help you master the Canon DSLR techniques. Although it’s all about Canon, this publication is not financially or in other ways backed by Canon, and thus contains unbiased reviews of its products. You will also find image processing tutorials and guidance on choosing the right accessories for your camera.

Publisher: Future Publishing (UK)

Single Issue Price: $4.99 (Digital Version)

Subscription: 1 Year (13 Issues) – $39.99 (Digital Subscription)

Professional Photographer

Although this is the cheapest magazine on this list, don’t doubt its quality. Professional Photographer is the oldest photography magazine which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. It offers practical details of the latest cutting edge techniques in professional digital photography.

Publisher: Professional Photographers of America

Newsstand Price: $2.25

Subscription: 1 Year (12 Issues) – $19.00 (Same for digital as well as print version)

Most of the magazines on this list are also available in digital format, thus allowing international subscribers too to enjoy their subscriptions. Also, some of them offer additional discounts on digital subscriptions. The prices mentioned are as of 23rd of August, 2011, so whenever you plan to subscribe to one of these digital photography magazines, you’ll have to conduct a fresh research to find the latest subscription offers.


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