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Developing a Photography Hobby

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 3/22/2011

You can learn how to take professional pictures on your own; there are many instructive materials available in Photography that can assist you in developing the knowledge and skills. This along with your talent will enable you to produce quality photos.

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    Taking up photography as a hobby can evolve into one of the most interesting and rewarding decisions taking a pic you will ever make. Eventually, time and experience will give you the skills to be noticed and admired, even by the best professionals. You will never know your true talent or potential until you get behind the camera and start snapping away. If you believe you have the drive and creativity to take up photography as a hobby and possible career then this article is for you.

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    Benefits of Photography as a Hobby

    Part -Time Job – Once you have transitioned from being an ‘average’ to ’skillful’ photographer, there will be a demand for your expertise. Initially, this demand may be from friends and family, but that will only be the beginning. Over time people will recognize you for your work – If you are good at what you do then no one will deny your talent. This can develop into a part-time career in photography.

    Self-Employment – If you choose to embark on a career in photography, you have the option of doing it at your own pace and schedule. If you put in the work and market your craft properly you can operate a lucrative business in this field. Photography is one of the few independent professions that can transform into a self-employed job.

    Host your Own Art Show – Art shows aren’t only for painters and sculptures, there is a niche for photographers as well. art collection If you compose a montage of your strongest pieces you can easily approach a gallery and make the necessary arrangements to host your own or be a part of an art show to display your work. There is also the option of renting your own space and hosting an art show yourself, either do your own PR work and marketing or hire a professional.

    Become an Art Vendor - As a photographer, or lack thereof, you can sell your pictures and make a business out of it. There is a great demand for original and expert photography. Assuming photography as a serious hobby, you can transform it into a lucrative art trading business. Great photographs can be sold online (e.g. Ebay) or to local art dealers and resellers.

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    Many great photographers of today are self-taught - If photography is a hobby of yours, practice and snow shot develop your photography skills on family and friends at weddings, reunions, graduations, parties, dinners etc. Also, practice with lighting outdoor among trees, in the snow or during a trip to the beach or park. Take pictures indoor under unnatural lighting with florescent and incandescent lamps, also with a fireplace and candle lights. Try to master the art of capturing movement of people while they participate in extra curricular activities such as football, basketball, hockey or swimming so that you can improve lens, shutter and aperture control on your camera. Great pictures are taken underwater or in the rain, you may want to invest in a waterproof camera to explore photography with these and other water effects.

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