Seven Useful Applications For Working With Images on Your Palm

Written by:  lonemer7 • Edited by: Rhonda Callow
Updated Feb 18, 2009
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Manage and edit your photos, create animations and slideshows, capture your palm screen, turn your photos into jigsaw puzzles... Discover the full potential of your Palm device with these powerful and creative tools...

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to paint, edit photos, create slideshows, draw animations, or compose jigsaw puzzles on your palmtop? Good news, the answer is 'yes'. Thanks to the specialized software tools designed for the palm users, you can now do all these things directly on your device. Here is a list of seven freeware and shareware applications that you can try. Have fun and make the best of your palm experience.

Resco Viewer

Resco Viewer is a powerful photo viewer and editor. You can use it to not only organize your photos into albums and create custom slideshows, but also to do basic editing operations such as adjusting brightness / contrast / gamma, cropping, resizing, rotating an image, etc. It is a great tool for creating slideshows with great transitions and amazing sound effects and musical backgrounds. Other functions include: encryption, global color changing, assigning photos to contacts, etc. The program costs $24.95 but you can download a 14-days trial version from It is compatible with most PDA devices and supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF image file formats.

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Photogather is a powerful photo organizer, digital album and editor for Palm OS. Functions: choice of color mode, soft scrolling, large size images supported, image editing (resize, rotate, flip, balance, sharpen), etc. License: Shareware. Price of the full version: $24.99.


NinerPaint is an amazing application for drawing, painting, creating animations and artwork. The full version costs $13 but a trial version is also available for download on To make an idea of what you can achieve with this powerful program, you can visit their Art Gallery. All paintings and animations displayed are created with NinerPaint and are not edited with any other computer software.

HandPainter 0.6

HandPainter 0.6 is a simple and free drawing application for Palm devices. With a very intuitive interface, HandPainter is fun and easy to use. You can download it at no cost from the Softaway website.

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HandPainter-Pro is a much more powerful and complex version of HandPainter 6.0. The price of the full registered version is $14.95 but you can download a trial version. To get an idea of the amazing results you can achieve once you start mastering the secrets of this program, visit the online HandPainter-Pro art gallery.

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 5 is a handy tool by LinkeSoft that captures your palm screen in any application. You can activate it by Graffiti strokes or by pressing (optionally holding) a hard key at your choice. You can even take multiple screenshots every few seconds with the Auto-Repeat option. To save your screenshots, export them to a directory on your expansion card as a .bmp, .jpg or .gif file. The cost of the program is $15 but you can try it for free on the LinkeSoft site. Note: Screenshot 5 only works on Palm OS 5.x. For the previous Palm OS versions use Screenshot Hack by the same provider.

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Video Jigsaw

With Video Jigsaw, you can turn any photo on your palm device or expansion card into a jigsaw puzzle. Choose from a list of difficulty levels ranging from Kids level (3x3) to Expert level (7x7) and start solving your puzzle by tapping and dragging to move the pieces. Matching pieces will automatically join when put together. For more fun, you can choose to activate the sound effects. On Treo devices, you can even take live videos and turn them into puzzles. Video Jigsaw is absolutely free and it can be downloaded from the TOYSPRING site.


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