Digital Photography

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How to Shoot Forced Perspective Photos: Tips

Have you ever wondered how a giant tower seems to appear smaller in front of a person, or how you can make an object seem closer than it is without even moving it? Let’s see how we can combine the concept of forced perspective in photography to delude the eye, even if it is for a second.

Create Photography Close Ups With Macrophotography

Macrophotography is the art of taking pictures up close; the primary focus of this type of work is to bring to light the beauty of the microscopic world of all things great but small. It is especially popular with capturing the physiognomies of insects and other tiny creatures that live among us.

Shooting Snow Pictures? Try These Must Read Tips

Shooting in the snow requires a little more patience and practice. From different exposure settings to finding the best backdrops, winter photography opens an entirely new dimension. So grab your snow boots, and get ready to head out for snowy adventures with your camera!

Fun & Easy Sports Photography Tips

Avid athletes tend to get very involved in their sport, and photographing them can bring animation and grandeur to your photo. It’s great to see the facial expressions and involuntary gestures distinct to certain sports. Take a tour of our sports gallery and the athletes that make these photos pop!

Guide to Child & Infant Photography

Photographing children can be a great way to capture fleeting moments that you want to remember forever. If you’re looking for tips and tricks for photographing children, look no further. With ideas for poses, ideal camera settings, and how to keep the kids happy, you’re sure to take great pictures.

A Look at 3D Photo Editing Software

New advances in digital cameras allow users to take higher resolution photos than ever before. Fortunately, photo editing software has kept up with these advances. If you want to create 3D photos that will impress your friends and family, take a look at the top three software choices.

Trick Photography: How’d They Do That?

Trick photography takes a creative mind and perhaps a bit of daring experimentation. These photos are especially popular for spooking or confusing people by presenting them with an unlikely scenario. Here you will see some fun examples of trick photography and the secrets behind how they are created

Iconic Photographers of the 1960s

The 1960s was a time when the young began to have a voice and music, films, politics and culture shifted to celebrate this new era. Photographers of the time became famous in their own right as fashion magazines and celebrities wanted to be captured in the new and innovative style.

Creating a Home Studio for Photography

Having a permanent space for taking photography is one of the things that every photographer wants, but creating a home studio is not easy. There are a lot of things to get right and knowing what you need before can save a lot of effort. These articles should cover all the basics.

Best DIY Photography Gifts

Ever thought of making your own photo gifts, like a mug, scrapbook, magnet and more? We’ve rounded up 15 incredibly creative ways to turn digital photos into treasured memories. You can even learn how to wrap your gifts in DIY photo projects like personalized wrapping paper and gift tags!

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Photography

If you want to take photographs but don’t know where to start, the old saying has it right: begin with the basics. Understand how the essential camera settings work and what’s involved in making a photograph, and you’ll open up a whole universe of possibilities.

A Quiz on the History of Photography

If the thought of a history exam makes you feel queasy, don’t worry. You cannot fail this quiz and, in fact, you may actually find it interesting. Discover how much you already know about photography’s past and present, and maybe learn some titillating trivia along the way.