Sound Recording Tips & Techniques

Here are some helpful digital sound recording tips and techniques to make your audio editing job easier.

Pro Tools Tutorial: Session Backup

It is a fairly common mistake to end up with missing files in a Pro Tools session copy. Pro Tools software provides a function that can help avoid this issue. The feature is called Save Copy In.

Understanding The Different Audio File Formats

There are dozens of audio file formats in existence but most people are only aware of a few of them. This is mainly because popularity is dictated by file size to sound quality ratio and compatibility across the most popular operating systems.

Recording Telephone Sound: Laws and Regulations

There are specific laws when it comes to recording telephone sound. While the recording of sound itself is not illegal, the recording of the voice of another person violates that person’s expectance of privacy.This expectance of privacy is inherent in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

The Best Condenser Microphone: Reviews & Buying Guide

One thing you need to consider when you’re looking for the best condenser microphone is its versatility. If you are only going to use it inside a room, versatility is not a problem. However, if you need to use it in different kinds of environments, it needs to be very versatile and portable.

What Is The Best Mic Preamp?

There are several mic preamps available in the market today with a good design and sound quality; there is a huge difference in their efficiency based on the price. This post covers five of the best mic preamps for under $500.

Best Microphones Reviewed

The performance of microphones depends up on the quality of sound, voice and their portability. Based on these parameters, the best microphones in the market can be identified easily. Reviewing the best microphones, let’s see what the various contenders have got to offer, and how much they cost.

What a MIDI Controller Is and How It Works

Wondering what a MIDI controller is? Well, MIDI is nothing but a set of instructions; this data includes a listing of messages or events that intimate electronic equipment about how to produce sound; here’s an insight to these cool controllers, and how MIDI controllers work.