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  • What is a Condenser Mic?

    The condenser mic is one of the most popular microphones on the market. Variations on this microphone are used in music production, film sound and radio broadcasting. This article details the development of the microphone, what it is made of, and its...
    By Jason Hoffmann April 4, 2011 

  • The Best Voice-Over Microphones

    Here is a look at five of the best voice-over microphones. Each microphone has its pros and cons, but there are certain features that proper voice-over recording demands. The microphones in this list all have the basic requirements for voice-over recording...
    By Jason Hoffmann April 1, 2011 

  • What is the Best Channel Strip for DAW?

    The best channel strip for DAW mixing sessions should first and foremost maintain the signal quality that it produces coming into your DAW. Of course, how it handles and processes those signals are also primary concerns.
    By Kristina Dems March 21, 2011 

  • List of Music Mixing Equipment

    Music mixing equipment involves more than just mixing consoles. Equipment such as recording devices and audio interfaces for computers are also involved in the process of mixing audio.
    By Kristina Dems February 24, 2011 

  • List of Professional Audio Recording Equipment

    Ever wanted to know what the pros are using in the big recording studios? Listed here are a few of the music industry's most sought after pieces of professional audio recording equipment, and what you can get that sounds just as good!
    By Sam Blanchard November 18, 2010 

  • Top 5 Professional Music Mixing Software Reviewed

    Music mixing is done for a variety of purposes, right from revamping an old classic to producing a new piece of music. Professional music mixing software can help you do wonders; here’s an insight to some of the best professional music mixing...
    By Om Thoke March 29, 2010 

  • Protecting Your Music Equipment: Keep Dust Away by Covering Studio Equipment

    What are you doing to protect your music equipment? If you're not covering up all of your music recording equipment, you could be eliminating major sound quality as well as dollars. Learn the proper techniques to increase your music industry rank...
    By Mr New Material January 19, 2010 

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