Professional Audio Equipment

Looking for professional audio equipment racks, microphones, DJ equipment and other necessities for your production? Read reviews, comparisons, buyers guides and tips from fellow audio enthusiasts to help you make an informed decision.

Top 5 Voice Synthesizer Applications

Vocal synthesizers are not just for reading text out loud for the disabled anymore. They have become so advanced that they can now be used as voice talents in films or singers for music production.

Top 5 Digital Synthesizer Keyboards

Digital keyboard synthesizers can give you both unique digital sounds or digitally recreated analog sounds. It is not just about the kind of sound you want to create, but it is also about how you want to mix and deliver it to your audience.

Best Small Audio Mixers: Buying Guide and Recommendations

Portable audio mixers are convenient tools for mixing audio in the studio or in any other place where large mixing equipment are just not feasible. The number of inputs and outputs are of course limited, but for their size, you will get the maximum number of audio sources possible.

What is the Best Ribbon Mic for Live Vocals?

A ribbon mic for live vocals is not that easy to find. Most ribbon microphones are optimized for recording studio use so you will have to make certain that what you are getting can fight off feedback while producing quality sounds.

Top Five Best RODE Microphones for Studio Recording

Here is a look at the best Rode microphones for studio recording. Rode is known for their affordable microphones that can deliver great sound in a wide variety of situations. If you outfit your studio with the right Rode microphones for your recordings, you can be ready to deal with any scenario.

How Does an Electret Microphone Work?

An electret microphone is a device that uses two conducting plates to capture sound waves and translate them into electrical waves. This simple design is found in other types of capacitor microphones, except here less power is needed thanks to a conducting plate with an attached insulator.