• Using Audacity for Podcasting: Full Software Review

    Audacity offers audio recording for open source propeller heads who want to create podcasts. But while its effects are fun and features generous, I had to spend a lot of time searching for help online to use any of its advanced functions.
    By Jeremy Rule May 26, 2011 

  • Audio Podcasts

    Here is a look at what audio podcasts are and how they work.
    By Shane Burley May 19, 2011 

  • Tips on Copywriting Podcasts

    Here are some tips on copywriting podcasts for your own recording.
    By Shane Burley April 28, 2011 

  • How to Capture and Record a Podcast on a Mac

    Did you know that you can capture and record a podcast on a Mac using software that is included with all Mac computers? Using the popular audio editing and recording program GarageBand, you can easily record a podcast from start to finish, with a...
    By Jason Hoffmann April 8, 2011 

  • Podcast Production Tips

    Here are a few tips for recording your own podcast.
    By Shane Burley April 7, 2011 

  • Top Uses for Podcasting

    Uses for podcasting are varied. They include entertainment, education and even journal keeping.
    By Kristina Dems March 22, 2011 

  • Webcast vs. Podcast

    In the webcast vs. podcast debate, you can only pick a clear winner depending on your requirements for distribution and availability. Podcasts don't rely on Internet connection for playback while webcasts can offer content immediately as the events...
    By Kristina Dems March 14, 2011 

  • Podcast Definition: What is a Podcast?

    The simple podcast definition is it is an audio recording of a discussion on a certain topic by an individual or a group, which is downloadable on the Internet. Variations on this definition involve the theme of the podcast, video recordings and the personalities...
    By Kristina Dems March 11, 2011 

  • How to Sort Podcasts in iTunes

    Here is a look at how to sort podcasts in iTunes and how they are originally sorted.
    By Shane Burley September 30, 2010 

  • Music Podcasts: What Are They and How to Create Them?

    Recently, podcasting has become a much hyped internet technology; podcasts are digital media files that are produced in a series. Subscription to this can be done using podcatcher software. Here's an insight to music podcasts, and handy tips for...
    By Om Thoke September 20, 2010 
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