Hosted Voice Recording Services for Calls & Podcasting


Hosted voice recording services are available for all kinds of applications. Call centers need to record the calls to their centers for monitoring quality and for training uses. This is especially true when your contact center has customer support representatives who work from remote locations working via the Internet. It makes sense to avoid duplicating the recording equipment at each CSR location and instead have voice recording services manage the recordings. You may also need to record calls at your business location to avoid disputes and to meet regulatory requirements. Hosted recording sites are simple to use. Simply sign up for an account and you will soon be ready to get started.

Example Services

One typical service, launched last year, is IPscape. It was positioned as a product that helps meet the compliance needs of insurance and financial services. IPscape can be used by call centre agents, or sales team members, to record inbound and/or outbound customer calls for management, compliance or quality assurance reasons. Implementation is easy without the need for extensive training. Nor does this disrupt day to day work at the time of implementation. However, the biggest advantage of this voice recording service is that you pay a low fee and there is no expense for investing in facilities or for keeping them updated/upgraded on a continuous basis. Business Systems and Audiofile Solutions are couple of other top vendor in this space.

As far as recordings go, you make them through the phone handset, but you should be aware that the recording quality is limited by the bandwidth of the mic in your handset, which is often low. it would be a good bet to listen back to the recordings made this way to make sure the quality meets what is needed for your application.

Personal Voice/Podcasts

Similar logic extends to personal uses. You may want to record personal calls, podcasts or voice overs for your presentations. Well, there are hosted voice recording services for you too. In fact, many such services position themselves in this precise space and offer additional services especially suited to podcasting. One top example is the company Audiofile Solutions. They will record telephone interviews, or conference calls, and make a professional podcast for you. The addition of music and a voice over can also be handled by them. They’ll even arrange the conference call. The process is inexpensive and can be put together quickly and easily. All you need is access to a telephone! The service provider is able to make the background noiseless and that obviously contributes to good quality recording. If you would prefer a home solution, try The Best Voice Recording Software.


Like most hosted solutions, these voice recording services have the "no hassles" advantage. What I mean by that is that there is no need to worry about hardware, or software purchases and maintenance. You simply use the service and pay as you go. Whether for business or personal uses, these services make eminent sense with their low cost, low investments and high availability.