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Top GoldWave Plug-ins

written by: Kumara Velu•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 6/28/2010

To enhance the versatility of GoldWave, you should employ plug-ins. Here are some top GoldWave plug-ins worth checking out.

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    GoldWave is a versatile audio editing program which allows you to input video files into its timeline so that you can work their audio tracks.

    While GoldWave has enough built-in features to satisfy the average user, there is a number of plug-ins that help to enhance user experience.

    This article will look at GoldWave plug-ins that will take audio editing to a new level.

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    GWvoice Interface 

    This GoldWave plug-in allows you to use the auto gain, auto offset removal and censor features. If you’re mixing a voiceover with faded background music, this plug-in would make the whole process a breeze.

    There’s no need to install the plug-in separately if you’re using GoldWave version 5.50 or later as it comes bundled with the program. It's no longer available as a separate program.

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    GW Amp


    This plug-in enables GoldWave to use DSP plug-ins for Winamp. Be warned though that not all Winamp plug-ins are stable when used with GoldWave. It would be a good idea to back up your audio file before working with GW Amp.

    Goldwave 5.5.3 or later is required for the plug-in. It's a free download available from the GoldWave website.

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    This plug-in enables you to use DirectX Audio Effects plug-ins. It may not be plain sailing with this plug-in as it has been reported to be unstable when used on systems whose DirectX modules are unstable.

    GoldWave 5.50 or later is required to use the DirectX plug-in. This plugin is available for free at the GoldWave website.

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    Would you like to open iTunes M4A audio files or the audio portion of QuickTime (MOV) files? If so, this is the plug-in to go for. Be reminded though that you’re only allowed to read unencrypted (non-DRM) MP4 audio files.

    For this plug-in to function you must have QuickTime 7.02 or newer installed in your system.

    QTFile comes bundled with GoldWave 5.20. This plug-in is no longer available as a separate download.

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    Would you like to work with Monkey’s audio files with GoldWave? If so, APEFile is the plug-in you should have. The plug-in adds Monkey’s audio support to GoldWave by enabling you to open and save audio files which are in the APE format.

    The drawback of this GoldWave plug-in is that it only allows for limited support when it comes to file information like artist, album and such, stored in your APE files.

    This plug-in is a free download but you do need GoldWave 5.53 or newer to use it. The download is available from the GoldWave website.

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    GWBPM Counter

    GWBPMCounter Interface 

    This plug-in allows you to include a basic beats-per-minute counter to GoldWave. All you will need to activate this mode is a mouse click.

    You need GoldWave 5.53 or newer to enjoy this free plug-in which you can download here.

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    GWMPVisual Interface 

    If you would like to use certain Windows Media Player plug-ins with GoldWave, GWMPVisual is the plug-in you should have. This plug-in will only work if you have Windows Media Player 9 or newer installed on your system.

    Additionally, GWMPVisual works with GoldWave 5.53 or later. Download this plugin for free here.

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