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Find all the tax help and tips you've been looking for with informative articles on everything from income and federal taxes to tax filing tips. Understand what deductions you're eligible for, how much money you have to make to file taxes, what forms farmers should be filling out and plenty of how-tos. How exactly do I fill out the 1040? What tax bracket do I fall into? Find the answers to all these questions and more at BrightHub's Personal Finance channel.

Why Can The IRS Keep Your Refund

There is nothing worse than filing your taxes and expecting a sizable tax refund only to receive a letter that the government has seized the money. There are real reasons why the IRS can keep your money and you should know every one of them.

The Basics of United States Federal Income Taxes

Before you file your 2009 Federal income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service, read this article in a series of 14 about what income taxes are and why you must file. The remainder of the series is dedicated to the 1040 tax form and its many schedules and sub-forms.

Who Qualifies to File a 1040EZ Income Tax Form?

The 1040EZ is a shorter version of 1040 income tax form for personal income taxes. Qualifying to use this form requires a set of finely-defined conditions.Learn whether you can avoid the more complicated 1040 income tax form and file the simpler 1040EX form.