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Find all the tax help and tips you've been looking for with informative articles on everything from income and federal taxes to tax filing tips. Understand what deductions you're eligible for, how much money you have to make to file taxes, what forms farmers should be filling out and plenty of how-tos. How exactly do I fill out the 1040? What tax bracket do I fall into? Find the answers to all these questions and more at BrightHub's Personal Finance channel.

Taxes: Who Needs a Tax ID Number

The answer to who needs a tax ID number is almost any organization that files taxes or makes reports to the IRS. Learn if your business or situation requires a separate tax ID and how to get one.

How Can We Deduct Motor Home Loan Interest on Our Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to deduct home loan interest on qualified mortgages. You can deduct motor home loan interest on your taxes if the loan qualifies as a mortgage for a second home. You must itemize your deductions on Schedule A to deduct home loan interest on your taxes.

5 Best Free Income Tax Programs

Taxes don’t have to be intimidating. They don’t even have to be handled by an accountant or outside tax help. There are free programs available through government agencies and online to help you sort through finances and remain legal come April 15. These are five of the top free income tax programs.

What Are The Penalties for Late Tax Returns?

When it comes to penalties for late tax returns, the IRS has a candy store display of penalties and fines to choose from. With a little foresight, and perhaps an explanation, you can reduce or eliminate the number of penalties that the IRS can assess on your late tax return.

The Paper Chase: How Long to Keep Tax Records

Tax filing can be stressful enough, but many taxpayers are also confused about how long to keep tax records. Unfortunately, like most tax-related questions, there is no hard and fast answer concerning tax record maintenance. Depending on the type of records and the items filed, the time will vary.