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Find all the tax help and tips you've been looking for with informative articles on everything from income and federal taxes to tax filing tips. Understand what deductions you're eligible for, how much money you have to make to file taxes, what forms farmers should be filling out and plenty of how-tos. How exactly do I fill out the 1040? What tax bracket do I fall into? Find the answers to all these questions and more at BrightHub's Personal Finance channel.

Quiz on IRS Tax Laws and Processes

As the tax filing season in 2012 comes upon us, you might want to brush up on your knowledge of tax laws. Take this test to see how much you need to brush up on how the current IRS regulations will affect you.

Small Business Tax Help: A Guide to Filing Your Taxes

Each year, small business owners start thinking about tax time, tax returns, profits, losses and the materials they need to gather together to get the job done. A stressful time for any small entrepreneur! Here, Bright Hub experts have pulled together a collection of resources to aid your tax woes.

Answers to Commonly Asked Tax Questions

No matter what type of tax questions you have–common scenarios or something far out–we’ll try to have the answers at your fingertips. We all know how expensive it can be to have the wrong information! Take a look through these tax topics, and let us know what other questions you have.

Benefits of a Capital Gains Tax Cut

What would be the benefits of a capital gains tax cut? Many conservative financial experts believe such a move would increase job growth and tax revenue from the rich. The tax affects businesses and individuals, and here we will explore the issue.

Claiming A Casualty Loss Deduction

Is it still possible to claim a tax deduction for any financial loss suffered due to theft and other unforeseen events even if the property was insured? Generally, the answer to this is “Yes”, but only for the unreimbursed portion and only if it meets IRS’ criteria. Want to know more? Here’s how.

How to take a car tax deduction for charity

Learn when and how to get a car tax deduction for charity. Find answers to the questions: where can I donate my car for a tax deduction and what documentation do I need to support my deduction on my taxes? By knowing what you’re getting into, you can save yourself trouble down the line.

Can Identity Theft Affect Your Tax Return?

The financial ramifications of identity theft are not only mind-numbing but can create issues that many consumers do not even think about. Having your social security number stolen can result in bogus loans, bad credit card debt and fraudulent tax returns. Consumers need accurate information.

Learn More About IRS Identity Theft: Tax Refund Scams

Dealing with personal information of taxpayers means that the IRS is under a certain obligation to protect taxpayers from identity thieves. There are a number of tools provided by the IRS to help. Tax refund fraud is an ongoing concern and one issue the IRS works hard to address.

Do Senators Pay Taxes On Retirement Income?

Misconceptions about senators and other elected officials abound, a common question is: Do senators pay taxes on retirement income? The answer is often confusing since people have formed a variety of opinions based on snippets of information heard from misleading politically-based sources.

Is There Federal Withholding Tax On Lottery Jackpots

Many of us look at the ‘cash value’ of our potential winning ticket and make plans for that remaining amount. Very few are aware that the cash value of that ticket is subject to IRS laws that deal exclusively with gambling and winnings. Is there federal withholding tax on lottery jackpots? Yes!

HSA FSA Changes in 2011

The health reform act that was implemented by Congress means that taxpayers need to understand HSA & FSA changes in 2011 so that they have the appropriate documents needed to use their funds. These changes were implemented on January 1, 2011 and impact all taxpayers who use these benefits.

New 1099 Rules for 2011 – Do They Affect You?

With the passage of health care reform comes the problem of making it affordable. A solution is to eliminate the tax gap by increasing reportable purchases. The 1099 series was targeted to do this, making not only services but also payments for goods over