Shopping & Spending

  • A Checklist to Getting the Most Out of Big-Box Savings Apps

    You use your smartphone while you shop. Why not let it net you some deep discounts? Find out top ways to make retail apps work harder for you.
    By Darin Namken December 12, 2017 

  • Understanding the Car Buying Process

    Buying a house and buying a car are the two biggest purchases a person ever makes. So you need a car? You will be living with this decision for a long time, so do it right.
    By Eighty Six February 9, 2016 

  • 5-Minute Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin

    Anonymous hackers, illegal drug markets, and irate governments — the Bitcoin story has all the elements of a high-tech thriller. To find out more about this mysterious currency, read on.
    By Daniel W March 27, 2014 

  • 3 Tips to Save Money (Without Using Coupons!)

    If the thought of extreme couponing gives you hives, these tips are for you. You can save money without spending time clipping coupons!
    By Mark Miller February 3, 2014 

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Your Guide to Shopping Success

    Learn about the history of the “holiday” and how to score the best shopping deals on both the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the following Monday. You may be surprised to learn that Black Friday originally had nothing to do with shopping.
    By theMallorys November 27, 2013 

  • Will Using Google Wallet Save You Money?

    How would you like to never again search for a misplaced credit card or be embarrassed by not having the money to complete a purchase? With Google Wallet, you can make your payments safely and quickly with any of their participating merchants. Here's...
    By Donna Cosmato October 27, 2011 

  • Get Up to Task With This Quick Currency Matching Quiz

    So you can think you can match the currency to the country? This quiz may not make you the next foreign exchange guru, but it will undoubtedly answer that question. Are you are up for the challenge? Get started now!
    By S. R. Obbayi October 18, 2011 

  • Buying a Car? Take Our Quiz Before You Hit the Auto Showroom

    Don't step one foot inside a dealership or used car lot without taking our car buying quiz. Why not? Are you sure you know all the insider secrets of the auto industry selling business? If not, test your knowledge here. You'll be happy...
    By Jean Scheid October 18, 2011 

  • 10 Modern Ways to Find Coupons You'll Actually Use

    Want to use coupons to save money but dread the thought of spending hours clipping coupons out of newspaper inserts? Relax! With the use of today's modern technology, you can print them, download them to mobile devices or store cards, or pluck...
    By Donna Cosmato August 10, 2011 

  • 10 Ways to Spend Less Money Without Feeling the Pain

    There is nothing painful about spending less money. In fact, spending less can produce endorphins that make people feel happy and empowered. The best way to save money is actually to spend less -- with purpose. This good habit is an invaluable lesson...
    By Olivia Emisar August 10, 2011 
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