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What Are Bitcoins? Are They a Safe Form of Currency?

Bitcoins have become a part of the news due to a recent court ruling that it is a real form of currency. Despite the expert opinions that it will help improve stability, Bitcoins can make some individuals feel uncomfortable due to their strictly digital nature. Are they safe to use?

Unfair Bank Fees: They’re Charging Me How Much for What?

In addition to feeling “taxed enough already,” are you tired of paying more and more fees for the privilege of using your own money? Unfair bank fees are soaring, and consumers are voting with their feet and moving their accounts. Are you ready to join the movement? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Graduate Students Get the Shaft in the Government Debt Deal

Maybe I wasn’t meant to complete my education. Maybe it’s a sign from the center of the universe that an MFA program was not in my future, or at least one that says that I should reconsider just how badly I want to finish my educational goals. Whatever it was, it affected nearly two million others.