• What Coverage Do You Need - Insurance Help

    We all need insurance, no matter how old we are, what state of health we are in or how financially sound we are. When it comes to life, health and home owner insurance, there are some simple factors that we can take into consideration to arrive at the...
    By Baby Rani June 29, 2011 

  • Health Savings Account Guidelines

    Considering opening a health savings account but want to learn more first? Read on to find out about guidelines you must follow.
    By Lucinda Watrous June 29, 2011 

  • Why You Need Engagement Ring Insurance

    These precious gems known as engagement rings have a tendency to get lost or stolen, whether it's our fault or not, but that's why engagement ring insurance exists. Find out why you need it, what kind you need, how to get it, and how to save money...
    By Jennifer A. Walker June 29, 2011 

  • Indemnification Insurance: Why It Helps to Have It

    Many people know about auto, life, home, and specialty insurance such as boat or motorcycle. But not many people know about accident insurance or indemnification.
    By wearmanyhats June 29, 2011 

  • Important Factors To Determine When Setting Up A Life Insurance Trust

    Would you like estate tax breaks and benefits for your family? Then you may be interested in setting up a life insurance trust.
    By Jennifer A. Walker June 29, 2011 

  • Should I Select a PPO For My Health Insurance?

    Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO may cost more but allows more options. Is this the right health insurance coverage for you? Read on for helpful hints about the value of PPO coverage.
    By Eric Stolze June 29, 2011 

  • The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

    Did you know that small, fast, high-horsepower cars like porsches are the most expensive to insure while large sedans, minivans and SUVs have the cheapest insurance premiums? Have you ever wondered why? Read on to find out more.
    By Faith Oh June 29, 2011 

  • Surviving an IRS Audit

    Surviving an IRS audit is not as difficult as you may think. It is understandably frustrating and scary when you find out that you are the subject of an IRS audit. Here are some tips on how you can keep calm and get through an IRS audit in one piece...
    By Meg C. June 29, 2011 

  • Would It Be Wise to Purchase a Short Term Health Insurance Policy?

    Are you thinking about buying short term health insurance to save some money? Find out what kinds of situations temporary health insurance is best suited for with a few helpful hints.
    By Eric Stolze June 29, 2011 

  • Cost of Motorcycle Insurance & How to Lower It

    The average cost of motorcycle insurance can be up to $300 per month in payments. Reduce that number with a higher deductible.
    By Jim Vassallo June 29, 2011 
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