Is my health insurance covered by my employer, or do I need to obtain private? Do I need life insurance? How do I find the best deals on car, home or motorcycle insurance? Should I get pet insurance? Find all the answers you're looking for at BrightHub's personal finance channel on everything from deductibles, rates, coverage and more. Whether you're looking for homeowners, family or auto insurance get tips and valuable information.

The Best Car Insurance for Teens: Where to Start

So you teenager is driving! It’s not the end of the world but what is the best car insurance for teens? Before you take their keys away, take a deep breath. Not only can you find quotes online, the type of vehicle you have along with your teen’s grades in school also affects teen insurance.

Dental Discount Cards: Are they right for you?

Dental discount cards can offer substantial savings on your family’s dental care, but the keys to determining if you should buy into a discount program are how often you will use the card and whether your preferred dentist participates in the discount program.

Make Sure You Have Engagement Ring Insurance

These precious gems known as engagement rings have a tendency to get lost or stolen, whether it’s our fault or not, but that’s why engagement ring insurance exists. Find out why you need it, what kind you need, how to get it, and how to save money on it.

How the National Flood Insurance Program works

Flood insurance provides coverage against any event that causes flooding of a property. While those living in flood prone areas are most at risk, others too can be affected due to unusual weather patterns. Learn more about flood protection provided by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Useful Guidelines for Buying Universal Life Insurance

When investigating life insurance options, universal life insurance is a category for consideration. Exactly what is universal life insurance? To explain universal life insurance, we take a deeper look into how the program is structured and review guidelines for buying universal life insurance.

Protect Your Ownership Rights With Title Insurance

Buying a home? The closing transaction is an important part in this process. This is when the ownership rights to the property transfers from the buyer to the seller. Title defects can affect such rights. Learn how a title insurance policy can save you from unexpected claims to your property.

Types of Risk Insurance

When it comes to life, there are many risks we are associated with every day. These risks are dangers that come as a part of life and often affect a person through no fault of their own – insert types of risk insurance.