• Charity Thank You Letters for Donations

    If you receive donations for a charity you operate, use these helpful tips and sample letters to write your correspondence. These samples of thank you letters for donations contain information you should include for your donors to benefit from tax deductible...
    By Alia Nikolakopulos April 27, 2011 

  • Charities That Accept Automobile Donations and How to Contact Them

    If you have an automobile that you are not using or can do without, it may be a good idea to give it to a tax deductible charity or nonprofit organization that can put it to good use. So, let's look at charities which accept automobile donations and...
    By Steve McFarlane April 10, 2011 

  • How Do You Set Up Cooperative Yard Sales: Recording Sales and Distributing Money

    Cooperative yard sales can be a highly productive and lucrative way for groups of people to sell their stuff as other people's treasures. With so many individuals involved in the yard sale, it is imperative to get organized and stay organized from...
    By Kristie Lorette April 8, 2011 

  • What Will Goodwill Take in Donations and How Do They Value Them?

    Consider donating your gently used or older belongings to Goodwill as a way to give back to your community. In addition to helping those that are less fortunate, you can also get a tax deduction for your contributions.
    By Amanda Rumble April 5, 2011 

  • How to Make Fundraiser Sponsor Forms for Your Fundraiser

    Your nonprofit organization has a project or event that needs funding. To gain funding, you are holding a fundraiser. To gain sponsors for the fundraiser you will need fundraiser sponsor forms. These forms will help organize your fundraising efforts....
    By W. A. Swan March 13, 2011 

  • How Do You Arrange a Back to School Supplies Fundraiser

    How do you arrange a back to school supplies fundraiser may seem like a daunting question to tackle. Once you break the planning process and implementation process down, it is much easier to get the back to school supplies fundraiser up and running.
    By Kristie Lorette March 11, 2011 

  • How to Market Charity Events to Raise the Most Money

    Learning how to market charity events effectively is the difference between a successful fundraising event and an unsuccessful one. Learn how to tap into one of the most successful ways to promote a charity event.
    By Kristie Lorette March 10, 2011 

  • What is a Canvas Bag Fundraiser and How do They Work?

    There is a movement to use reusable bags in place of single-use bags when shopping. Because of this, many organizations are turning to canvas bag fundraisers as a means of raising money and saving the environment. Learn all about how to run a successful...
    By Ronda Bowen February 24, 2011 

  • Planning a Car Wash Fundraiser for Your Organization

    Want to hold a car wash fundraiser? If so, first off you'll need to know how to write details for a car wash fundraiser event. The profits are in the planning so find out what you need to know about car wash fundraisers--including those important...
    By Mandy Robinson January 31, 2011 

  • How the Economy Affects Fundraising

    The recession, which has been thrust upon us, has had a few grey areas that come along with it. One such area is fundraising. The article discusses the effects of economy on fundraising. It discusses how fundraising activities have been affected by the...
    By tomdon January 27, 2011 
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