Fundraising Ideas

If you are considering holding a fundraiser to raise money, whether for charity, a friend or family member or colleague, or if you work for a non for profit organization, hospital or school, then we are here to help you to hold a stress free and successful fundraiser.

Fundraising: Reciepts and Thank You Notes

If you receive donations for a charity you operate, use these helpful tips and sample letters to write your correspondence. These samples of thank you letters for donations contain information you should include for your donors to benefit from tax deductible gifts.

Charities Which Accept Automobile Donations

If you have an automobile that you are not using or can do without, it may be a good idea to give it to a tax deductible charity or nonprofit organization that can put it to good use. So, let’s look at charities which accept automobile donations and find out how to contact them.

How to Plan Successful Cooperative Yard Sales

Cooperative yard sales can be a highly productive and lucrative way for groups of people to sell their stuff as other people’s treasures. With so many individuals involved in the yard sale, it is imperative to get organized and stay organized from the beginning to the end.

Tax Deductions: Adopt a Family Charitable Donations

Many times over the holidays we are asked to consider donations to specific families in our communities. These adopt a family charitable donations may not be tax deductible if they are provided directly to families. There are ways to ensure that they are tax deductible within the rules of the IRS.

Fundraising: How to Hold a Breakfast Fundraiser

Boy Scouts, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, and other groups need to host fundraising events to help fulfill their mission. One of the options available is to host a breakfast. For those considering this type of fundraiser, they need to know how to hold a breakfast fundraiser that will be successful.

How to Create Fundraiser Sponsor Forms

Your nonprofit organization has a project or event that needs funding. To gain funding, you are holding a fundraiser. To gain sponsors for the fundraiser you will need fundraiser sponsor forms. These forms will help organize your fundraising efforts. Find a fundraiser sponsor form template here.

Planning a Valentine’s flower delivery fundraiser can be a great idea for your organization. Learn what steps you need to take, what items you will need, and how to do this in a timely manner.