• Drowning in Debt: Sensible Steps to Survival

    Most people find it easy to get into debt and not as easy to get out of debt. Achieve freedom from excessive debt by making an honest review of income and expenses, and find ways to pay down debt that has already been incurred. Find help overcoming barriers...
    By Finn Orfano August 23, 2011 

  • Escaping the Monthly Mortgage Burden

    Saving money is never easy, but there are some effective ways to reduce your overall debt. You can shave months off your monthly expenses by using some of these easy to handle, money-saving mortgage payoff tips.
    By Finn Orfano August 10, 2011 

  • Best Use of Your Money: Invest or Pay Off Mortgage?

    What type of investments are we talking about? The volatility of the markets does not inspire much confidence in Wall Street and European financial troubles are compounding the state of our stagnant economy. Best advice: Invest in yourself.
    By Olivia Emisar August 10, 2011 

  • 10 Tips for Improving Your Debt to Income Ratio

    A recent news story showcased a couple for winning the biggest jackpot in European Lotto history. The couple has modest interest and intents for their new found wealth, but the most striking comment made was: "We have always lived within our means...
    By Olivia Emisar July 23, 2011 

  • How to Calculate Your Debt to Income Ratio: Explaining With Examples

    We all know that when we don't need the money, the banks are eager to lend it, but when we are in dire straights we can't get a loan to save our lives. It's not a coincidence, banks know our finances better than most of us do and if we are...
    By Olivia Emisar July 23, 2011 

  • The Chapter 7 Means Test: Do You Qualify?

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy qualification, or the Chapter 7 Means Test, was introduced with the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005. This is the new barometer in the world of bankruptcy and determines whether or not your are eligible.
    By Patricia Tokar, CPA July 12, 2011 

  • When Bankruptcy is Involuntary

    Companies may file for bankruptcy in order to preserve some assets. This allows some companies to discharge their debts and start again with the assets that were preserved. However, creditors (and employees) can file and request that an involuntary...
    By Finn Orfano July 8, 2011 

  • What Happens to Debt When Someone Dies

    Who is responsible for paying the debt of the deceased? What happens to a home that is jointly owned? Find out what happens to debt when someone dies.
    By randalarias July 6, 2011 

  • Larry Winget: Lessons in Personal Finance from the Pitbull of Personal Development

    Larry Winget is a personal finance expert that is known as the "Pitbull of Personal Development". He has written several personal finance books that are targeted towards average Joes, and stars in an A&E reality show called "Big Spender"...
    By Meg C. July 6, 2011 

  • Cease and Desist Letters: How To Stop Debt Collection Harrassment

    Cease and desist letters are one way that individual debtors can legally stop debt collection harassment. Debt collection laws prohibit collection agencies from contacting you about a debt once you send a cease and desist letter.
    By Meg C. July 6, 2011 
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