Debt has got us all down these days, and honestly, we need all the help we can get. This topic delves deeper into debt to help you find how you can dig yourself out of debt and how to avoid going any further into it.

Understanding Wage Garnishment Rights

Contrary to what most people think, there are wage garnishment rights that you may be entitled to. Just because your wages have been garnished does not mean you have no recourse. Certain debts are not eligible for the minimum disposable income rules but others are.

How Much Can a Wage Garnishment Take From Your Paycheck

Those who have been notified that they may have their wage garnished need to know how much can a wage garnishment take from your paycheck. These figures vary depending on the type of debt and what state rules allow. Understanding wage garnishment laws is crucial to knowing your rights.

Defaulted Federal Student Loans & Wage Garnishment

The laws as they apply to defaulted federal student loans and wage garnishment are clear. Students who default on these loans are subjected to a wage garnishment of up to 15% of their disposable income. There are very few instances where this garnishment can be waived or reduced.