Debt has got us all down these days, and honestly, we need all the help we can get. This topic delves deeper into debt to help you find how you can dig yourself out of debt and how to avoid going any further into it.

Who Pays for Student Loans After Death?

One of the only ways to have student debt forgiven is through the death of the borrower. However, this is not always true, especially in the case of private loans. Parents and spouses of deceased loved ones may also have to watch out for tax hits on forgiven loans.

5 Ways for Negotiating Student Loan Debt

If you are preparing to enter into the negotiating process with your student loan lender, you better go in prepared. Learn the primary reasons lenders allow you to renegotiate your students loans, make sure you fit the bill and then uncover your options.

10 Ways to Improve Your Debt to Income Ratio

A recent news story showcased a couple for winning the biggest jackpot in European Lotto history. The couple has modest interest and intents for their new found wealth, but the most striking comment made was: “We have always lived within our means…” and that is step one to improving your DTI.

Can I Be Bonded if I File Bankruptcy?

There are three bond types used for bonding employees and contractors. Each one has its own application requirements. In some cases, the job requiring the bond may not allow you to be bonded if you file bankruptcy, while other times it may be possible.