Credit Cards & FICO Scores

Credit cards can be extremely useful to the average consumer, but can be dangerous when abused. Here learn tips on paying off your credit card bills in a timely fashion, the best card for your needs as well as information on how to use rewards to your advantage while avoiding high interest rates and annual fees. Have bad credit? We'll help you improve your FICO score. Feel overwhelmed with debt? Find info on consolidation, counseling services and other methods to paying off your credit card debt and getting your spending under control.

Steps on How to Prevent Identity Theft

A physical break-in can leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid, but identity theft is just as scary. This invasion of privacy can cost you lots of money if it goes undetected and it can be hard to bounce back. Check these steps on how to prevent identity theft.

Bad Credit: Apply For Credit Card To Improve Your Credit

The mismanagement of credit cards has lead to many people having less than ideal credit. However, a properly managed credit card can actually improve a person’s credit. Find out which are the best credit cards to improve credit rating, and what other steps you should take to improve credit.

Details of the New Credit Card Bill of Rights

An overview and details of the new credit card bill of rights that will go into effect in 2010. The article includes an explanation of the changes to finance charges and interest rates, payments, over-the-limit fees, statements and the processing of payments.