Credit Cards & FICO Scores

Credit cards can be extremely useful to the average consumer, but can be dangerous when abused. Here learn tips on paying off your credit card bills in a timely fashion, the best card for your needs as well as information on how to use rewards to your advantage while avoiding high interest rates and annual fees. Have bad credit? We'll help you improve your FICO score. Feel overwhelmed with debt? Find info on consolidation, counseling services and other methods to paying off your credit card debt and getting your spending under control.

Understanding the Finance Charge for Credit Card Offers

Credit cards are a necessary financial tool for many people. However, choosing a card with a high interest rate can quickly become a problem. Before you apply for a card, learn how to decipher the finance charge for credit card offers to determine how much you will really end up paying.

What is the Prime Interest Rate for a Credit Card?

The prime rate is a base rate for bank lending. A credit card with a low rate tied to the prime is your best option for a low rate card. Low prime rate cards are harder to find and you’ll need to research what is the best prime interest rate for a credit card before you decide on the right one.

Tips On Keeping Your Visa Credit Card Safe Online

With the advancement of technology, online purchases have become a part of our daily lifestyles. But if you do not take the appropriate steps to safeguard your private information, you could fall victim to online fraud. Here, we show you how to keep your Visa credit card safe online from scammers.