Budgeting & Money Saving Tips

Budgeting is the secret to living within your means, paying off debt and being able to afford that new must-have gadget or new car. Here you'll find tips from experts to everyday citizens on how to set up your own personal budget and stick to it. Whether you're a recent graduate starting your first job or starting to think about retirement, you'll find advice on setting up a family, household or personal budget as well as general money saving tips. Helpful articles make saving money for a trip, school payments or a big purchase easy. Also find unique ideas on how to save money on daily necessities so you can afford your next big investment, pay off debt, or save money for a rainy day.

Ways to Save Money in Your Budget

This second article in a three part series will focus on helping you tweak your budget to maximize your savings. In the first article we looked at the basics of creating and managing a budget. The next article will focus on putting your savings to good use.

What Should Be Included in a Bare-Bones Budget?

You may have to pare down to a bare-bones budget if a two-income household loses one income from a job layoff, or if you are contemplating divorce. When you look at what you have, it may be difficult to determine what you should cut and what you shouldn’t cut.

Which Credit Agency Shows the Highest FICO Score

It is important for consumers to know their FICO score and negotiate loans from a position of strength since all three major credit reporting agencies can vary widely in their assessments. Higher scores save money upfront and for the duration of the loan’s term.

How Do You Manage Money in a Second Marriage ?

A serious question that many people are faced with is how to manage money in a second marriage. Whether the first marriage ended with the death of a spouse or in divorce court, there are often lingering financial issues that can impact marriage number two.