• Teaching Kids Responsibility with Money

    How do you teach kids the value of a dollar? With so many temptations, it is hard to keep kids from developing poor spending habits. However, some tools and tips can help, including mobile apps that teach kids to save more than they spend and make...
    By Deb Killion June 25, 2015 

  • Constructing a Savings Plan to Eliminate Debt, Create an Emergency Fund and Plan for the Future

    In the final part of a series on managing personal finances, we discuss how to create a savings plan that will help you eliminate debt, create an emergency fund and plan for the future.
    By C. Taylor May 22, 2015 

  • Tweaking Your Budget to Maximize Savings

    This second article in a three part series will focus on helping you tweak your budget to maximize your savings. In the first article we looked at the basics of creating and managing a budget. The next article will focus on putting your savings to good...
    By C. Taylor May 22, 2015 

  • Establishing Your Budget: The First Step to Financial Success

    Have you established your personal budget yet? Do you know if you are spending more than you are making each month? Read on to learn how to create and manage your personal financial budget.
    By C. Taylor May 21, 2015 

  • Should Your Put your Spending on a Diet?

    Many of us overindulge over the holidays leaving us with a few extra pounds to lose. Another common problem is over-spending, not just around the holidays, but all the time. Could you afford to put your budget on a diet? Learn why you should consider...
    By Mark Miller January 2, 2014 

  • Bright Hub's Library of Household Budgeting Tips, Tools and Resources

    Household expenses can be reduced significantly by clearly delineating the difference between wants and needs. Everyone has a different set of dynamics and lifestyles, but we can all manage to trim the fat off the budget and still enjoy everything life...
    By Olivia Emisar January 6, 2012 

  • The Ultimate Budgeting Guide: Stretching Your Dollar to the Max!

    Does it seem like there's always too much month at the end of your budget money? In this one stop guide to stretching your dollars, you'll find a wealth of information, tips and tricks to help you get the highest return for every dollar you...
    By Donna Cosmato September 21, 2011 

  • Budget Savvy? Quiz Your Knowledge and Find Out

    Money is tight and spending wisely is the call of the hour. Think you have your finances under control? Test your knowledge; find out if you are penny-wise and pound-foolish -- and get tips on becoming more financially savvy in the process.
    By Sylvia Cochran September 12, 2011 

  • How to Renew a Certicate of Deposit in Microsoft Money

    While Microsoft Money is no longer supported, if you want to use it to renew your CDs, this guide will show you how. Using your budgeting and accounting software to take care of this for you will simplify the process.
    By Madcap August 26, 2011 

  • Ways to Save on Everyday Expenses

    Budget blowouts are often the result of impulse spending, maintenance neglect and poor planning. Most people don't even realize what they're doing - or not doing. To find ways to save on everyday expenses, take a close look at where your money...
    By sherisaid August 23, 2011 
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