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Trust Law: How to Establish a Grantor Trust

While the most commonly heard trust terms are revocable, irrevocable or living trusts, there is another legal trust form called a grantor trust. The steps for establishing a grantor trust must be undertaken carefully to avoid the tax issues that may occur.

Banking Facts about Bank Money Lost in Fraud Annually

The bank money lost in fraud amounts to millions of dollars per year. Criminals, computer errors, and dishonest employees are some of the main causes. Learn about bank fraud, how much money is lost, and how banks strive to prevent loss. By knowing how money is lost, you can better protect yourself.

Can You Make a HSA Rollover to an IRA Account?

If you have not used your health care spending account, you may be wondering if you can attempt an HSA rollover to an IRA account. While some of the rules of HSAs and IRAs are similar, the funds cannot be co-mingled and are not allowed to be rolled over. HSA funds may be invested or kept in cash.

How to Compare Equity Investments Vs. Mutual Funds

Sometimes the riskiest investments can be the most rewarding, and other times they can, well, take us to the bank. If you have the stomach for the risk, investing in new companies can line your pockets in grand fashion. If not, you should probably stay with the masses in a safe mutual fund.