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Fundraising Event Ideas for Breast Cancer

written by: L.Romano•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 7/28/2010

A fundraising event doesn't need to be huge to be helpful. Every dollar brought in can make a big difference just as every person that participates lends a hand in the fight to stop this disease in its tracks. Find out here some great Breast Cancer fundraising event ideas.

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    Breast Cancer is a horrible disease that effects women all across the globe. Organizing fundraising events can raise money and get the word out. Taking action is one way to make sure that no one will never have to receive this diagnosis.

    If this is a cause that interests you, find some great Breast Cancer fundraising event ideas below.

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    Pink Wear Day

    Hold a pink wear day anywhere you work or go to school. Have each person that participates wear a pink article of clothing or as much pink as possible. Collect a required cash donation from those participating; if possible request that they also donate a little extra if they can afford to do so.

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    Hold a Dance Marathon

    Have people register to attend a dance marathon where they get sponsored and have to stay awake, moving and dancing as long as possible. Ask the venue to donate the space if possible. Create a large dance mix or use a free Internet radio station to make sure the tunes keep playing.

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    Hold a Pink Party

    Organize a pink party to help raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. Sell tickets to the event and also leave an area set up at the event where attendees can donate more if they so choose. Request that everyone wear at least one article of pink clothing. Make the tablecloths pink as well as the centerpieces and the decor. If possible, ask as many places, from the venue to where you get the centerpieces, to donate their services for the cause.

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    Pink Bake Sale

    This is an easy Breast Cancer fundraising event idea that can be done anywhere from an office to a school. Ask people to donate pink baked goods to be sold at the bake sale. Sell pink cupcakes, cookies, brownies with pink sprinkles, and other various pink desserts. If possible, also make gluten free or low fat items. When you advertise for the bake sale, make some flyers on bright pink paper.Although some believe a healthy diet is important in preventing Breast Cancer, a cupcake (or two!) couldn't hurt.

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    Art Sale

    Ask survivors of Breast Cancer to create pieces of art, from paintings to jewelry, that represent their struggle and win over the disease. Ask a craft store to donate the supplies necessary to create these masterpieces. Hold a show and sale of the artwork and donate the proceeds toward the fight against Breast Cancer.

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    Sell Pink Items at Every Event

    At any of these events, you can also sell plenty of pink items from pink ribbons or T-shirts to reusable water bottles. Make sure they are useful items that buyers will want to spend even more money on. The items can help bring in even more money for an incredibly worthy cause.

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    Breast Cancer affects entire families when the disease strikes. By getting the word out about the disease and raising funds, we can hopefully find a cure in the future and aid new developments in detection. Everyone, from the person that buys a cupcake to the person who agrees to donate the use of the venue, plays a big part in the fight.


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