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Cheap Wacky Christmas Gifts

written by: chesanekc•edited by: Jason C. Chavis•updated: 11/5/2010

Sometimes it is just fun to give silly Christmas gifts instead of spending a lot of money on actual presents. There are so many kinds of gag gifts a person can make or buy, but here are a few to get some ideas from.

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    Cheap Wacky Christmas Gifts

    Gag Trophy 

    People usually think of gift giving as sentimental, but sometimes it is fun to joke around with family and friends and give each other gag gifts. Here are just a few suggestions you can try when you give your next gift to the funny person in your life.

    • Reindeer droppings are always a hit for any silly Christmas party. You can either buy it at a joke store or you can make your own by making chocolate cookie or fudge balls and put it in a bag or cloth and write a note saying, "Rudolf left these behind." You can also buy chocolate covered raisins for this gag.
    • The old nut in wrapping always works well when planning a funny joke on someone. You can wrap a nut over and over again to make it look like it is a bigger present than it is. And then the person opening it will get so frustrated by the fact that it is taking forever to open. You can also put something else in the wrapping if you like. Just make sure that it is something silly and random.
    • Another fun idea is to get a bottle and put candies in it and label it "Crazy Pills" or "PMS Relief." This always gives a good laugh to the receiver and the rest of the party group.
    • Fake lottery tickets are always a fun and cute way to celebrate Christmas time. You can purchase these Christmas lottery tickets at many joke stores and can usually find them for a cheap price. The funny thing with these tickets is that it says you have won the money but you have to call Santa to retrieve it.

    Funny gifts can always bring out a wacky side to anyone. Gag gifts are usually very cheap, especially when you can make them yourself. So think hard and be creative and trick all your friends and family this year.

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