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Cheap Christmas Gifts for Men

written by: chesanekc•edited by: Jason C. Chavis•updated: 6/29/2011

Men are hard to buy for and it seems that anything they could want may simply be expensive toys. However, here are a few suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for men that will help fit your budget and are guaranteed to make the man in your life happy at Christmas time.

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    Christmas Tree and Man 

    Finding Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life does not have to be challenging or expensive. Although many men have large and costly items on their list, if money is tight there are a few inexpensive gift ideas that he will love.


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    Most men love movies, so if you get him a NetFlix membership he will be thrilled. A membership ranges from around $15 and he will be able to have it as long as he wants. The best part is that he never has to rent a movie again and he can get a new movie as soon as he wants! Just buy some popcorn, put it in a bag, box or basket along with the paperwork for NetFlix and your gift is ready to be received.

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    The Way to a Man's Heart

    It has always been said that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So if you are really on a tight budget this year, try making him a home-cooked meal or even his favorite dessert. This a cheap way to show you took time out of your busy schedule to do something really nice for him. You will also show how much you care and know him by preparing his favorite dish.

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    Magazine Subscription

    Does your boyfriend have a favorite magazine that he always buys? If so, then get him a year subscription to it! This will save your boyfriend time and energy to go out and buy it on his own. It also shows that you take time to know what he is really into.

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    If all else fails, try buying his favorite beer. The good thing about beer is that it is pretty cheap, so pick up his favorite ale and put a big red bow on the carton. Surely he will enjoy not having to pick up a six pack for a little while.

    Be creative and really think about what the man in your life really enjoys. This should help inspire you to give him the best gift even while being on a budget. Finding the best Christmas gift ideas for men can be challenging, but the reward is well worth it.

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