Personal Finance

The personal finance channel at Bright Hub wants to help you make the most of your dollar. From the basics of budgeting to how to use online technology to track your expenses, you’ll discover a wealth of articles devoted to helping you understand the ins and outs of growing your personal finance. A team of financial professionals and technical writers will provide FAQs and tips as well as honest and detailed software reviews of the latest personal finance and tax software programs such as Quicken and Turbo Tax.

Free Ways to Find Foreclosed Properties

If you’re interested in finding a foreclosed or bank owned home in your area, you can pay a website for the information about foreclosure listings. Or, you can find properties yourself – for free. Here are some tips and websites that will help you do that.

Getting Your Credit Score and Credit Rating Online

Every consumer should learn how to get a free credit report. They can order a free credit report online or submit a written request. But unfortunately, some people never order a copy or even check their credit rating online. This means that they never know their credit score rating.