Stock Investing

Everyone understands stock investing at the simplest level. Buy low, and sell high. Of course, this is easier said than done and there are numerous details in play along the way. The stock investing topic explorers these topics, strategies, and much more.

Banks Returning TARP Government Funds Good Investments?

The US banking industry seemed on the verge of collapse just a few months ago. Now, some of the big banks that took billions of dollars in TARP funds from the Treasury want to pay them back. Is that a good sign? Are those bank stocks good investments now?

Business Valuation Methods: Models to Help Estimate Value

Estimating valuation gives an investor an added opportunity to decide if a particular stock or other financial instrument is worth the risk. By learning different business valuation methods, it can help give one a good idea of what type of reward may be possible in the future.

Quality Investing Strategy Basics

By understanding the fundamentals of quality investing, one can choose the best in stocks and bonds with a higher likelihood of a better return. The strategy of quality investing can help you choose the best value in securities.

Investment Club: Upsides During a Recession

During a downturn in the market, let alone a recession, the benefits of an investment club to leverage the minds and abilities of many investors is a bonus. Despite the fact that many of these groups have lost prominence since the economic collapse, clubs remain a viable way of decision making.

Value Investing Strategy More Profitable Trades Free Software

While there are a number of different concepts and theories about investing, one of the most time-tested is the idea of value investing. Understanding the paradigm helps an investor choose stocks that are a great value and are more likely to provide a significant return than other securities.

Learn to understand Financial Charts – Line Chart Overview

Line charts are commonly used in stock markets. These charts are very popular among the investing community. Also line charts are very useful for the primary analysis of the data. They can give vital information on the stock price movements and trends of the market during a specified period of time.

How to Build a DRIP Stock Portfolio

Dividend Reinvestment plans (DRIPs) are a great wealth building tool for seasoned and new investors. Understanding how DRIPs work allow investors to evaluate if this investment method is right for their individual financial goals.

Understanding financial charts – OHLC chart

Open High Low Close charts are the most used bar charts in the stock and foreign exchange markets. With the use of advanced software codes, the preparation of the OHLC charts is very easy and they help the user community to take decisions on stock investing.

How to read candlestick chart

Candlesticks are a popular charting method in stock markets. These charts have been in use for many years in the financial markets. Candlestick depict the movements of the market and is very easy to read. The decision of stock buying and selling can be made easier with the candlestick chart.