Stock Investing

Everyone understands stock investing at the simplest level. Buy low, and sell high. Of course, this is easier said than done and there are numerous details in play along the way. The stock investing topic explorers these topics, strategies, and much more.

Investment Strategy: Christian Funds

A number of investors are being choosy about how their invested funds are used and are happier if these investments can link them up to their own faith. Christian funds address these concerns and keep the investor happy while he still makes money out of his investment.

How to Buy Shares Online – Where to Go and How to Trade

It is easy to learn how to buy shares online and to set up an online trading account. The difficult part is choosing the right brokerage firm. Try these tips for choosing the right brokerage firm, buying and selling shares online and for getting the right price while buying and selling shares.

Pros of Investing in Shares and Stocks

What are the advantages of investing in shares? Anyone who has invested in the stock market would tell you that investments in stocks offer the highest rate of return over any other type of investment. Other pros of investing in shares are flexibility, volatility and earning a passive income.

About Profits and Risks in Investing

To maximize gains, investors need to remember to take profits and diversify and sell into rallies to reduce risks. But why do investors often fail to follow this advice? The problem may be how people define their profits and risks in investing which can stand in their way to successful trading.

How to Transfer Equal Shares of Stock to Heirs

As you age, you may be trying to determine how to transfer equal shares of stock to heirs. There are different methods of doing this depending on how you wish to handle it. We will review some of the options that are available to you.

Learn How to Calculate Earnings Per Share & Meaning

A company’s earnings per share is net profit earned in relation to each share of the company’s stock. Investors should understand how to calculate earnings per share and have an idea of the investment meaning of those earnings per share.

What is Redemption of Shares? Find the Answers

QFINANCE-The Ultimate Resource says redeemable shares are “stock that is issued on terms that may require it to be bought back by the issuer at some future date, at the discretion either of the issuer or of the holder”. Learn what is redemption of shares and how they can impact investments.

The Latest in Biomedical Research & Penny Stocks

Investments in the biomedical sector promise a high return on investments, but most bio-tech stocks are penny stocks and highly risky. Thorough research of the company, its products, and management is highly recommended before investing in biomedical penny stocks.

How to Invest Lawsuit Settlement Money Wisely

If you have just received some money as part of a law settlement the next question becomes how to invest lawsuit settlement money. It’s OK to take your time until you are ready. This article will help with ideas on possible investment approaches for when you are ready to take the plunge.