Stock Investing

Everyone understands stock investing at the simplest level. Buy low, and sell high. Of course, this is easier said than done and there are numerous details in play along the way. The stock investing topic explorers these topics, strategies, and much more.

How to Deposit Stock Certificates Into Brokerage Account

Shareholders may find it important to understand how to transfer stock certificates to brokerage account. This process provides shareholders with safety and allows them to sell their shares without having to wait for the mail to deliver a stock certificate to a brokerage.

Explain How do I Calculate a Stock Basis with Dividends

Investing in the stock market can be interesting and profitable but income taxes can’t be overlooked. How do dividends affect the basis of a stock? Find out about some of the different kinds of dividends and how they affect your income and your investment.

Investing: Understanding How Stock Brokers Get Paid

Whether an investor realizes it or not, the easy answer to how stock brokers get paid is that payment is made as commission on each executed trade. This means that you, as the investor, are paying for the services of the stock broker whether you made the investment choice on your own or not.

Hints and Tips for How to Invest in New Companies

Investing in new companies found by searching through market information or by other means can be somewhat problematic for various reasons, if not just because they have no history. Here’s some helpful information that can ease some of the difficulties.

Best Asset Allocation Advice

The best asset allocation advice is diversification. Diversification is the key to holding a balanced portfolio and is the best protection against market downturns. A good investor modifies his portfolio over time and gradually makes it more conservative as he approaches his investment goal.