Retirement Saving & Investing- 401Ks, IRAs, and Beyond

Saving for your retirement? New to the 401k and stock options provided at your place of employment? Wondering which IRA you should choose? We have answers to these and other questions on retirement funds at Bright Hub's investing channel.

Trading Stocks in 401k or IRA Accounts

Investing retirement accounts in the stock market is risky. Investors can theoretically lose 100 percent of their investment. However, trading stocks in 401(k) or IRA accounts is not the same as 401(k) accounts are not always fully vested. 401(k) accounts are helpful for DRIP investments.

Can You Cancel UGMA Accounts Legally?

UGMA accounts may be canceled under limited conditions. The death of the minor, transferring to a Roth IRA or when the minor reaches legal age of distribution are all circumstances when you can cancel UGMA accounts.

What are UGMA Restrictions and Do They Impact Me?

UGMA restrictions impact all financial accounts that are set up by a custodian to benefit a minor. The most serious UGMA restrictions is that the account is irrevocable and must be used only for purposes that are specific to expenses for the minor. In addition, UGMA funds cannot fund UTMA accounts.

Can I use UTMA Funds for a Roth IRA Contribution?

For children who have begun working and have steady income, using UTMA funds for Roth IRA contribution may allow them to begin saving at a very young age for retirement. Roth IRA funds may have more flexibility than UTMA funds for college, home buying and other investments.

What is the Tax Rate on IRA Withdrawals in 2011?

Taxpayers who took distributions from their IRA during 2010 may be wondering what is the tax rate on IRA withdrawals in 2011. The rules are complicated and apply to taxpayers differently depending on the type of IRA distribution that is taken. It is important to understand how the rules work.

How Can a POA Be Used for IRA Withdrawals?

When a shareholder who has an IRA account becomes temporarily disabled they may provide a representative a power of attorney. However, IRA accounts carry certain limitations that must be exercised including limitations on who may withdraw funds from the account. Learn about POAs and IRA accounts.

A Guide to an Inherited IRA

How do you minimize taxes on an inherited IRA? What are the rules regarding an inherited IRA when the beneficiary is the sole surviving spouse? What are the options for non-spouse beneficiaries?

Basic Principles of Investing for Retirement

Here are some basic principles you will need to incorporate into your investment strategy when planning for retirement. These basic principles of investing for retirement help you make the proper choices when it comes to planning.

The Effect Stock Market has on Pension Plans, Including Recession

As a general rule pension funds invest 65% of their assets in stocks and the rest in other investment avenues, so the effect stock market has on pension funds is a major factor. The performance of pension funds is largely dependent upon the performance of stock market.

How to Invest for Early Retirement with 3 Must Know Tips

The unemployment situation in the United States is not improving much with millions of Americans out of work or soon to be out of work. Many are considering early retirement options as job security dwindles. Knowing how to invest for early retirement can help.