Retirement Saving & Investing- 401Ks, IRAs, and Beyond

Saving for your retirement? New to the 401k and stock options provided at your place of employment? Wondering which IRA you should choose? We have answers to these and other questions on retirement funds at Bright Hub's investing channel.

Will You Be Able to Retire? Take our Savvy Saver Quiz

The prospects of a comfortable and carefree retirement are quickly fading for many. To bring retirement back into the picture, people will need to refocus on becoming savvier savers. Here’s a quiz to test your financial smarts to see if you will be able to afford the retirement of your dreams.

A Guide to Understanding IRAs and 401(k) Plans

Feeling a little overwhelmed about your retirement plan? New financial terms, selecting investments and the ability to borrow money from some plans are only a few things that you need to know about your retirement plan. Before signing your name on the dotted line, review this pertinent information.

Stay Informed with the Best Investment Newsletters

Stock quotes, investment ads and other financial information is constantly bombarding you with ideas and data. What sources should you trust as you build your portfolio? Find suggestions for investment library and learn how to evaluate these sources.

An Estate Planning Checklist: What Do You Need To Do?

While many people think that estate planning is needed only for those who are very wealthy, nearly all people can benefit from having their final wishes recorded legally. An estate planning checklist can help provide families with health information and help with the settlement of an estate.

How Do Energy Investments Protect Your Self-Directed IRA?

Most investors find sector-specific investments risky. However, with the surge in oil prices, it may be wise to explore energy investments to balance your self-directed IRA. Recent government policies to boost renewable energy provide lucrative investment options in the sector as well.

Best Retirement Investments for Those Nearing Retirement

Are you close to retirement? If you are staring retirement in the face and you don’t think you have saved enough to be comfortable in your golden years, there is still a lot of time to catch up. The following is a discussion of some of the best retirement investments you can make.

How Long Can I Take Money Out of an IRA Account

Sudden medical bills, major car repairs or unexpected home repairs are all reasons to consider withdrawing from an IRA. Putting the money back after 60 days allows this type of transaction without penalty. However, failure to replace the funds can result in tax implications for IRA holders.

Negatives of Investing in Fixed Indexed Annuity

The promise of an annuity is simple – put in a set amount of money and receive a stream of payments until you die. However, there are downsides to this type of investment such as a lack of flexibility if your financial needs change.

2011 IRA Contribution Limits – SIMPLE IRA

A SIMPLE IRA is a great way to save and invest money for retirement. However, there are limits on how much can be contributed to a SIMPLE IRA. The 2011 IRA contribution limits for a SIMPLE are unchanged from 2010.

The Contribution Age Limit for Simple IRAs

The contribution age limit for a simple IRA is 70-1/2. You cannot contribute funds after that age. Also, you must begin taking distributions then. The amount you must take is determined by the amount in your account and your age. The IRS uses a specific formula for this determination.

How Much Can I Contribute to My SEP IRA

A SEP-IRA is a tax-advantaged small business retirement plan. Like many other qualified plans, the limits on contributions are changed from time to time. Have there been any changes in the 2011 contribution limits?

Transfers From UTMA Accounts To 529 plans

The primary reason for transfers from UTMA accounts to 529 plans is to have more control over the use of funds. UTMA funds may be used for any financial needs for a child while 529 plans are specifically for educational expenses. Learn more about how to compare 529 to UTMA accounts.

Investing: Precious Metals IRA Investing

You have an IRA which is not making much money and you have heard about precious metal IRA investing. The profit potential from gold and silver is very good, so read on and discover a couple of ways to use your IRA for precious metals investing.