Investing in Options, Futures, Commodities and Other Investments

Investing in Options, Futures, Commodities and other investments. Includes guides, tips, tricks, strategies, and other advice and information.

Guide to Precious Metals: Best Invesment Strategies

While you are probably familiar with gold and silver as investment products, did you know that platinum and palladium are also good bullion options for diversifying your portfolio? Use our informative guide to precious metals investments to find out more about these liquid assets.

History and Analysis of Crude Oil Prices

Ever wondered about the critical factors and actors that have determined crude oil prices for the past century? From European imperialism through the oil shocks to the role played by futures traders today. No commodity is shaped by more factors than the one that fuels the bulk of the global economy.

Trading Natural Gas Commodities

As one of the primary sources of energy, investors and traders like to have options to trade the changing value of natural gas. The different security markets offer several paths to trade natural gas. Using ETFs and the futures market, one can find an investment strategy to fit your trading goals.

Finding the Best Investment Coins

Collecting coins can be fun. It can also be profitable. There are many coins that have soared in value over the years. Some have sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are some best coins to invest in, but which ones depend on your budget.

Learn How to Trade in Commodities Market

This article starts by explaining the very basics in how to trade in commodities market securities – choosing the right commodity, and then continues to provide very useful insights of commodity trading in conducting commodity research, short-selling commodities and trading in seasonal commodities.

Pptions and Futures Terminology

Traders new to options and futures terminology can get confused by the new set of jargon. Get an overview how options and futures work by learning the specific terminology.

How Oil Futures Raise Prices

Traditional economics says that natural pricing and demand and supply is what sets prices; Add to that equation futures trading. Here is how oil futures raise prices.

How Do I Invest Gold or Platinum?

Understanding precious metals can be a major challenge for the investor. What to do to invest gold or platinum? Investment options for platinum and gold are expansive, including straight bullion or financial securities such as stocks and certificates.

What Is the Best Silver Investment? Coins or Bars?

There are a number of different ways to invest in silver, each available to different types of investors. Some of the best silver investments include the collection of tangible metal, a variety of financial securities as well as simple stock purchases.

Trading Strategy: The Bull Spread

After buying and selling calls and puts, the most popular options strategy is writing covered calls. For investors without an existing position, Bull Spreads are one of the most popular options trades.

Get Option Trading Account Open Approved

Stock options can be a useful and powerful investing tool for savvy investors. However, trading stock options is a little bit more complicated than just trading stocks, plus, you’ll have to get your trading account approved first.